Chip Stephens Announces State Rep Run

Democrat Jonathan Steinberg — the 5-term state representative for District 136, which covers most of Westport — has a Republican challenger.

Chip Stephens — like Steinberg, a Staples High School graduate — says:

It is with great hope and expectations that I announce my candidacy for Westport’s 136th Representative District in the Connecticut State Assembly.

As a 50-year resident of Westport, and elected Planning and Zoning Commissioner for 3 terms, I have been honored to serve and enjoy our town. My campaign is to bring to Hartford a positive message of hope, and a strong need for working together to fix the broken financial state.

My mission is to join a new effort to cooperate and innovate. My experience in local issues is fairly well known, and my advocacy has been built on supporting our great schools and organizations. I have a long record of giving back to my town, and my contributions have touched on many issues, organizations and many residents.

Chip Stephens

I will give Westport my best effort to win and serve in a positive and constructive direction. Issues and answers will lead my campaign, with no tolerance for negativity and name-calling.

Over the next weeks, I will be forming a campaign group and a platform.With both, I will strive to be inclusive of all ages, political views and those who want a better Westport and a smarter working Connecticut.

I want to hear from any and all Westporters who want to join my vision: that all politics are local. The best way to make positive change is to work together for the benefit of the town. Specific granular issues and answers will be discussed as I move forward with my campaign.

I hope this message finds my Westport friends and families well, and seeing the light beyond today’s historic challenging issues. Better days are close, thanks to our healthcare workers and scientists. Stay safe, stay well!

Chip Stephens is serving his 3rd term on Westport’s Planning & Zoning Commission. He has been its chair, and also chaired the Village District Regulation, Superstorm Sandy Recovery Regulation, and other committees.

Stephens moved to Westport in 1960, and graduated from Staples in 1973, He earned an MS in microbiology, and works as a medical sales executive. He has coached Staples wrestling, PAL football, baseball and basketball. In Westport, he has worked for the preservation of Bedford Elementary School (now Town Hall), Cockenoe Island and open space. 

15 responses to “Chip Stephens Announces State Rep Run

  1. Rozanne Gates

    No more Republicans – anywhere!!

    • Bob Stalling

      So you want all states to be as bad off as Connecticut…
      Makes sense.

    • Paul Greenberg

      Many of your donors to FTC are Republicans, myself included. Should I stop donating?

    • I’m an independent voter so no dog in the fight here, but I do react very negatively when someone posts such a comment. There are very strong and honorable candidates from BOTH parties who wish to serve the public. And yes, there are some less admirable candidates – also from both parties – who get elected. The more local the office, the less relevant the party affiliation. So let’s judge candidates on the merits of the individual please.

    • Edward Bonaham

      Define democracy, Rozanne, which you probably can’t given your poor and ridiculous comment. If it were just one party then that would be a…yep. Goodluck with that.

  2. Joseph Sledge

    Thank you, Chip, for your willingness to serve in the General Assembly as our representative for the 136th district. Your leadership and experience in our Town is needed in Hartford.

  3. No bias here.

  4. Love the positive message. Way to go, Chip!

  5. Cathy Walsh P&Z Commissioner

    There is no one more passionate about Westport than Chip Stephens. He LOVES this town . Chip has been working for YOU for nearly 9 years on P&Z. He is dedicated 24/7 to the betterment of the town. We’re lucky to have him willing to do the job in Hartford. Thank you Chip.

  6. Michael Calise

    I have had the pleasure of knowing Chip and his family for many years and have followed his entire P & Z career. Chip focuses on solutions and sees that they get carried through to completion. He’s not a career politician but rather a dynamic citizen activist who can bring meaningful change to Hartford. .

  7. Ray O'Sullivan

    Sorry but by my count, isn’t 1960 to 2020 60 years and not 50. Could be that new math. . .

  8. Valerie Leff

    Chip may be a wonderful guy and a good leader, but right now I could not even consider him. The Republican Party is a horrific disgrace that is doing everything possible to dissolve our Constitution, oppress the vulnerable, steal from our poorest to put money in the hands of the ultra-wealthy, and now, with COVID, it has the blood of 40,000+ Americans on its hands. Just the fact that a candidate would call himself Republican and not change party affiliation loses my vote no matter what.

    • Bob Stalling

      Right, the last we need right now is “a wonderful guy and a good leader”.
      Makes sense.

  9. Christine Freeman

    Thank you for your positive message, Chip! Wishing you the best that Connecticut has to offer.