COVID-19 Roundup: “A Chorus Line”; Virtual Bingo; More

Everyone loves “A Chorus Line.” Especially anyone who’s ever been in it.

That includes Alisan Porter.

The former Staples High School actor/singer (and “Curly Sue” movie star, and “The Voice” winner) played Bebe in the Broadway revival of that epic show.

It closed in 2008. But 44 cast members leaped — literally — at the chance to dance in a video: “A Chorus Line in Quarantine.” From around the world — in living rooms, kitchens, on decks and apartment rooftops and in their yards and streets — they sent clips of themselves reprising the opening number.

The montage is amazing. And there — at the 1:46 mark — is our own Alisan. Enjoy! (Hat tip: Susan Thomsen)

One of the bright spots of the pandemic is the number of young people who are doing great things to help.

Staples High School student Natalie Bandura launched “Masks That Matter.” She and other teenagers sew washable, reusable homemade cotton masks, then distribute them to Westporters and others in need.

Whether you need a mask or want to help make them, click here. The website is clean and easy to navigate.

Natalie hopes to supply everyone in Westport who needs one with with a mask. Together, she says, “we can help flatten the curve here in town.”

Nearly a month ago, in the early days of the pandemic, a group of Westporters started a virtual bingo night. They play every Thursday, from across the country (all have Westport ties). The winner chooses a non-profit to get the buy-in pot.

So far, they’ve given away nearly $500. Last week’s winner picked the Gillespie Center. For more information, email

A scene from the Virtual Bingo game.

Meanwhile, Molly Alger notes that the Fine Wine Company in Compo Shopping Center offers this good-looking (and tasty) new mask:

Speaking of signs, Darcy Hicks felt compelled to post this in the house she’s self-isolating in with a lot of guys. Okay, they’re her husband and sons, but still…

And finally … we started today’s Roundup with a former Staples Players star. Here’s a song from another.

P!nk offers an inspiring version of “A Million Dreams” from “The Greatest Showman.” Which of course was written by 2003 graduate Justin Paul, and his partner Benj Pasek.



7 responses to “COVID-19 Roundup: “A Chorus Line”; Virtual Bingo; More

  1. The Chorus Line video has made my day. At a time when things look so bleak, watching these attractive and energetic people getting together and blasting out good old American energy, creativity and optimism, restores – a little – my faith in the durability of our country. It is things like this that really give credence to the fact that this too shall pass.

  2. Werner Liepolt

    Speaking of Chorus Line… Westport’s own Carol Schweid (Play with Your Food) has Chorus Line credits including the original Off-Broadway production.

  3. Wendy Cusick

    I have some news via Weston Volunteer Fire Department Facebook page.
    You all have 2 less Aspetuck Land Trust preserves to visit…
    The first to close was Devil’s Den
    The second, starting tomorrow, Trout Brook Valley at Bradley Rd is now closed.
    Reason: Unsafe usage of parking and preserve basically overcrowding

  4. I’ll add this Pink version of ‘A Million Dreams’ with appearances by her daughter as well as Mssrs Paul & Pasek.

  5. Dan — I shared this with my sister who was with A Chorus Line from the beginning. It’s her playing piano on the album, as she did in the pit for years. She often was the conductor as well and became the musical director, which means she trained all the show’s newcomers and the traveling company, while keeping the show tight overall. Marvin Hammelish said it’s only because of her that he was able to move onto other projects. She ultimately joined him on several of those broadway shows. Sadly, saddled with MS, my sister no longer has the use of the hands that were her stock and trade. So tragic and unfair, though the special spirit she’s always displayed is still in evidence most days. A Chorus Line, and our sister’s role in sustaining it, will forever be a cherished memory and source of great pride for our family.

  6. Marisa Barnes

    Wonderful videos! Thank you!

  7. Rhona Lieberson