Pics Of The Day #1088

This weeping cherry tree on Park Lane was planted around 1959. (Photo/Elisabeth Keane)

Etienne Franca says, “I’m new to Maple Avenue, and love the Westport colors. There is so much beauty (inside and out), despite these challenging times.” (Photo/Etienne Franca)

4 responses to “Pics Of The Day #1088

  1. Fred Cantor


  2. Susan Huppi

    So beautiful…

  3. Jack Backiel

    Hmm.. Maple Avenue or Maple Lane? Isn’t there a Maple Lane near Greens Farms Beach? Excuse my memory. It’s been a while. There’s North Maple Ave. and South Maple Ave, but I cant remember a Park Lane off either of those roads. Someone refresh my memory, please.

  4. Elisabeth Keane

    Park Lane is off South Compo. There are two trees, planted around 1959.