Westport Suffers 1st COVID-19 Death

First Selectman Jim Marpe says: 

I regret to inform you that Westport has experienced its first fatality resulting from COVID-19. Today I was informed by the Westport Weston Health District that an 80-year old man from Westport has passed away.

On behalf of the entire Westport community, I want to express my deepest condolences to his family.

Please be assured that Westport worked, and continues to work, diligently and tirelessly to stop the spread of COVID-19, contain the contamination, and avoid infection by staying home and abiding by CDC guidelines. Unfortunately, and despite our best efforts at prevention, our community was not spared.

I want to take a moment to reflect on all of our neighbors who have and who continue to suffer from COVID-19. I know we are wrapping up another week that has been challenging and limiting. I am very appreciative how many of you have responded to our requests, remained in your homes and minimized social interaction.

As of yesterday, the state informs us that there have been 122 positive tests for COVID-19 in Westport. Each day this number continues to increase. Please continue practicing virus distancing, stay at home and avoid gatherings of any type.

On behalf of this resident, please think about your neighbors, your elderly community members and other vulnerable individuals when you practice isolation. Together as a community, we will weather the storm of this terrible crisis.

7 responses to “Westport Suffers 1st COVID-19 Death

  1. Thomas Doyle

    It would be very helpful to understand the growth of these cases in westport over time. While I have been anecdotally following the statistics it seems that the growth rate has slowed significantly. Initially Westport was the hot spot and had 20% of the cases in the entire state. This has changed and I think it is important to let our residents see the benefits of the measures that have been put in place

    • Andy Kaplan

      I am not sure you can trust the Westport statistics. The increase in cases in Norwalk may reflect patients from Westport treated and tested at Norwalk Hospital.

      • Kerry Foley

        While you may not be able to trust the statistics for other reasons (e.g., mildly symptomatic residents who haven’t been tested), it does appear that the cases in Norwalk are actually Norwalk residents. The statistics reported by the state seem to be verifying addresses for each case, as yesterday’s statistics did not include “185 cases awaiting address verification.” Hospitalizations, on the other hand, are reported by county by the location of the hospital.


      • Elizabeth Thibault

        Isn’t it done by town of residence, and not where they’re being diagnosed/treated?
        If the count is being done by treatment area, I would expect many more towns without any reported cases, since smaller towns send their residents for testing and treatment elsewhere.

  2. Terry Sauer

    A few days ago Dan featured a web page with plots generated by a Staples student. It has graphs showing the increase for Westport along with Fairfield County and CT. https://ctcovid.firebaseapp.com/#CTPlot. It’s updated daily after the report is released by the state. Dan’s post is here: https://06880danwoog.com/2020/03/26/rishabh-mandayam-tracks-connecticuts-covid/ I have it bookmarked.

  3. Jo Shields Sherman

    I am saddened to hear this news. I hope our 80-year-old neighbor was able to be comforted by family and friends, and that they in turn will have the support, care and love of each other.

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