Pic Of The Day #1077

Found at the base of a Christ & Holy Trinity Church fence post (Photo/Karen Murphy)

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  1. Jill Totenberg

    It was good to finally see you in yesterday’s post. Thank you for this ongoing newsletter. It’s super and superb!

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  2. At the end of this darkness may there always be JOY!. on a daily basis..weekly..monthly..lets look and find that little piece of JOY..that makes it better..tolerable..kind to who’s cooped up with us.. The little JOYS in life..focus hard on the positive!! Before you know it,.. the darkness disappears and you can’t remember its supression. We are in this together! We will get out of this together!! Hopefully a more kind and loving community.

  3. Thank you, Robin, for reminding us our true nature is joyful.
    Grateful to hear your voice and to be uplifted at the end of this day.