Westport Connected: Send Photos And Videos Now!

Westporters keep coming up with great ideas to stay connected.

The latest is as simple as its name: WestportConnected.

The goal is to go beyond the usual social media platforms. Organizers Marcy Sansolo, Darcy Hicks, Lisa Newman, Jaime Bairaktaris and Melissa Kane — a who’s who of creative, concerned and well-connected neighbors — invite fellow Westporters to share a message by sending either a photo (of yourself and/or your family and/or pets), or a video (no longer than 10 seconds!).

Want to say hi to everyone? Send a photo! (Photo courtesy of Bob Weingarten)

You can also offer services or support, as a professional or someone willing to help. Just take a photo or video, holding up a poster with what you can do, and your contact info.

Need ideas? Organizers suggest:

  • Messages of love and support to fellow Westporters
  • An activity that you or your family is doing to keep sane
  • Services you can offer for people who can’t leave their homes: lawn work, shopping, outdoor repairs, etc.
  • Support contacts to get help for depression, spousal abuse, addiction, etc. If you are a professional or sponsor who can offer support, let people know how to reach you
  • Share lessons via Zoom or other virtual conferencing appointments: music or art lessons, meditation sessions, workout routines, etc.

Are you a therapist who can meet clients online? Let us know!

There aren’t many rules. Just be positive!

Organizers say, “this is an attempt to recover some of the life we’re missing due to quarantine. It’s a reminder for all of us that no one is alone.”

Of course, “06880” is happy to help. Messages will be made into a video — and it will be posted here on Monday (March 30).

Send your photos and videos to WestportConnected@gmail.com. The deadline is 4 p.m. this Friday (March 27).

Connect now. Then get ready to be uplifted on Monday!


5 responses to “Westport Connected: Send Photos And Videos Now!

  1. Wendy Cusick

    I see Jaime Bairaktaris’s photography @jb_graphy and his well written insightful posts.
    I have never met the man but I have gleed this from his posts: he’s an educator, photographer, writer, volunteer emt, traveler, Westport Now contributor, nature center (Earthplace), boater and a triplet.
    (I’m probably missing something. He will probably fill in the blanks after this post)
    The Bairaktaris Family raise a fine young man.

  2. I am a therapist who can see clients on line. Let me know how I can be of support.

  3. Nadja Streiter

    Hi there, I am therapist and have been doing online sessions for a while. I work with a variety of clients but I have particular expertise in digital wellness and technology addiction and its impact on day to day functioning. I work with adults and adolescents and coach parents who struggle with their children’s device use. Right now I am offering 15 minute consultations so people who are not used to online therapy can have the opportunity to see what it is like without feeling as if they have to make a commitment. Please feel free to reach out to me at 203-717-4465. Be well, Nadja