“06880”‘s New Project: Send Us Your Art!

Westport has always loved the arts.

Now — as the coronavirus swirls all around — a group of local artists has an idea: Everyone in town can use this time creatively.

And “06880” will showcase your work.

This is not a contest. It’s just a way to use art as a response to our difficult situation.

And to share it with 15,000 others.

It doesn’t matter how old (or young) you are. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never picked up a brush, crayon or camera in your life. You don’t have to be an experienced painter, sketcher or collagist. You can work together, or with your family or anyone else you’re self-isolating with

All you need is an idea and a way to express it. Serenity, love, calm, separation, friends, solitude, fear, hope — whatever you’re thinking or feeling, get to work!

You sure as heck have the time to do it.

Elizabeth DeVoll came up with this concept. See how easy it is to create art!

Amateur (and professional) efforts are welcome, in all media: paint, photography, pastel, drawing, digital, cartoons, even doodles. You name it, “06880” wants it.

Just email a JPEG image of your piece to dwoog@optonline.net, with your name. Include your age, and any other info — how you created it, what you were thinking, whatever — if you’d like.

Every Saturday, I’ll post as many images as I can. I’ll do it every Saturday until there’s no more art to share.

And if you’ve got a clever name for this ongoing project, click “Comments” below. Coming up with a good title is an art of its own.

15 responses to ““06880”‘s New Project: Send Us Your Art!

  1. Love This!!!

  2. Peter Saverine

    Love this idea! Will be sending a few Westport scenes. Here’s my idea for name, perhaps you can work with Miggs to enhance it if you like it. TheART of Westport
    Thanks for all you do! Be safe.

  3. Great idea Dan! Time to dust off the portfolio!

  4. Stacie Curran

    Thank you

  5. Kathie Bennewitz

    Brilliant idea! Great art can be a source of solace and inspiration and connecting to one another!

  6. Michael Pettee

    Viral art

  7. Nicholas Clarke

    What fun

  8. Nicholas Clarke

    What fun.

  9. Name for Art project — QuarantArt

  10. Stephanie Szostak

    “Find your Beach”

  11. Stephanie Szostak

    “Find your Beach”

  12. Westport HeART?

  13. Hi Dan- hope you are keeping well and thank you so much for continuing to inform and entertain. You are a damn treasure. I’ve attached my daughter Clara’s art, she has taken up painting while she is here on “spring break” from Fordham University where she’s a Freshman. Making the best of the situation is about all we can do right now…