Pic Of The Day #1065

I can no longer swim at the Y. So today — for the first time in a long while — I took a walk through Baron’s South. I was the only one there — except for these 3 guys. (Photo/Dan Woog)

13 responses to “Pic Of The Day #1065

  1. Yesssssss! Sending good vibes. See you at Kawa Ni soon 🙂

  2. India van Voorhees

    LOVE this!
    I spent almost 10 years as a year-round volunteer for the Westport Library book sales. And, as everyone no doubt knows, for much of that time our thousands of boxes of books were stored at Baron’s South.
    I love that building, both inside and out – as well as the property.
    If I were the Michael Bloomberg of Westport, I’d buy it and restore it. For whatever purpose(s) best suited the town. Or, perhaps, just me and my pals. Er… YOUR pals. (grinning)

  3. Hey dan, is the rumor true (from my high school days) that there were tunnels from the main house to other original baron property homes?

  4. Great picture and nice companions for your walk!

  5. Those look like girls

  6. I like your companions, my dog would try to bark them away!
    BTW I hope you are still getting paid while school is shut down!

  7. Baron’s South and North (Winslow Park), the Jewels in the Crown of Westport, not on the water. Newly arrived in town 21 years ago, I had an office on the second floor in the back of the old Westport National Bank building, across the Post Road from the gleaming white Saugatuck Church. Also across the hall from Newman’s Own office. Wot a treat as a newbie to run into Paul Newman once a month coming or going to the men’s room in the hall. He always so friendly and especially liked talking about Joanne.

    From my office window facing south, I watched the clear-cutting of 40 mature trees on Baron’s South uphill from the frontage on Imperial Avenue. I felt like I was in Oregon or Washington, and it broke my heart. Particularly, as is true with most builders, all they wanted was a clean canvas to build the Senior Center. All the trees could have been left exactly where they were by the time construction was finished! They planted some scraggy pines that weren’t native, and I believe they died. Now I work from home.

  8. Does, pretty!

  9. Kathryn Coster

    I too love this pic!!

  10. Wonderful pic Dan “”

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