Distance Learning Begins: A Message From Staples’ Principal

In his first year as Staples principal, Stafford Thomas has earned high grades for his quick understanding of the school, his warm and upbeat manner, and his care and concern for all students.

When he was hired last summer, he never imagined one task would be overseeing distance learning.

Today — with schools closed at least through March 31 due to the coronavirus — the Westport district begins “distance learning.” It means different things for different grade levels.

There are bound to be questions. Administrators in the central office and each building have been communicating with students and parents about what it all means. It is still — as it is nationally — a work in progress.

Staples students have a better idea now though, after a video from their principal.

He begins — as he often does on the announcements — with shout-outs to students. Then he explains what distance learning is, and why it’s important. He ends with some tips on staying healthy (teenage style).

Click below to see how Westport’s high school students are beginning a difficult — but important — part of their educational journey.


(Hat tip to Staples media teacher Geno Heiter, who produced the video. It’s part of “70 North,” the high school’s great media platform. Click here for many other videos.)

2 responses to “Distance Learning Begins: A Message From Staples’ Principal

  1. Making the best of a difficult situation, and a real challenge for some subjects — classes with labs, studio work and for theater as a whole. Congratulations to school officials for getting distance learning up and running as soon as possible.

  2. Joanne Crawley

    Thank you for posting this video. Nice to see the new principal and indeed see how upbeat and businesslike he is in handling this challenging time. I’m a senior citizen and he made ME feel that we will get through this just fine.