Pic Of The Day #1064

New artwork by Steve Lyons arrives at the Bankside Contemporary gallery on Post Road West (Photo/Phil Nourie)

2 responses to “Pic Of The Day #1064

  1. Bankside Contemporary, Featuring Steve Lyons, wishes the community of Westport and neighboring residents the very best in health and wellness during these trying times. Since the gallery is closed, starting tomorrow, you can pick a time slot to “Distance-Meet the Artist”, LIVE from Lyons’ art studio in Chatham, MA via Zoom videoconferencing. Bankside plans to host other Zoom video calls with other artists the gallery plans to debut the when it reopens. To pick a time to tune in, simply send an email to art@banksidecontemporary.com and a schedule will be sent. In the meantime, learn about trends in the global art market via a UBS report – https://www.ubs.com/global/en/our-firm/art/2020/.

  2. Thank you for featuring my art as your photo of the day. As a newcomer to Westport, Ct, I want to say thank you to welcoming me into such a wonderful community.
    I realize that this is a difficult time for all and so seeing this brightened my day and made my week. Thank you.

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