Pics Of The Day #1061

Today was the 2nd day of  “indefinite closure” for the Westport schools.

This scene in the Mastrocciolo home — with Bedford Middle School 6th grader Bianca and Coleytown Elementary 1st grader Justin — was no doubt similar to many others around town.

(Photos/Stephanie Mastocciolo)

Meanwhile, early spring-like weather — and the TGIF end of a very stressful weak — drew a large crowd to Compo Beach.

Alert “06880” reader Jo Shields Sherman reports there were many people walking between Elvira’s and the entrance gate. Some gathered in small groups to talk — being careful to keep “social distance.”

The sight took her breath away (in a good way!) “Aha!” she thought. “This is where everyone is. Friendliness and kindness seem to abound. And of course the dogs are happy.”

(Photos/Jo Shields Sherman)

2 responses to “Pics Of The Day #1061

  1. Susan Feliciano

    These photos are an exact replica of our Homeschool years everyday, together: book-learning, computer study, travel, worship and (lots of) coastline (study…!) at Compo Beach. I miss those days…

  2. Nancy Powers Conklin

    I can smell the salt water as if I was standing with my feet in it! I miss the Sound.