“Seussical” Sequel: It’s A Clean Show!

Coronavirus scare got you down? Never fear, there’s a doctor in the house.

Dr. Seuss!

To ease the minds of audiences for the upcoming show — “Seussical: The Musical” — Staples Players directors David Roth and Kerry Long have ensured that all hard surfaces in the high school auditorium will be disinfected between each performance.

Echoing  (and adding to) signs that have already appeared throughout the school, they say: “Keep calm, wash your hands — and come see the show!”

(“Seussical: The Musical” will be performed at 7:30 p.m. on Friday, March 13 and 20, and  Saturday, March 14 and 21, with matinees at 3 p.m. on Saturday, March 14 and 21, and Sunday, March 15. Characters are available for autographs following each matinee; a small fee will be collected, to help the Curiale School library. For tickets, cast lists and more information, click here.)

3 responses to ““Seussical” Sequel: It’s A Clean Show!

  1. Is there a germ in your hair?
    Is there a germ on your chair?
    At Seussical you should have no fear
    For there no germs welcome here!

  2. William Strittmatter

    “…all hard surfaces in the high school auditorium will be disinfected between each performance”

    While that is helpful, it sort of begs the question of those that might have been exposed at the previous performance leading to the possible need for the hard surfaces to be disinfected.

    Frankly, I’m not terribly worried about the likelihood of catching the virus in the normal course. However, the real problem for something like this is morons like Dartmouth man who goes to a party after being told to self quarantine because, I suppose, he thought he was fine. Or the St Louis father/daughter that went to the schools dance because they thought it was OK despite exposure to a symptomatic sibling just returned from Italy who, while tested, (maybe) hadn’t yet officially been told she had tested positive.

    Probably not an issue in Westport though. I mean it’s not like there are many entitled folks in town that would decide to unnecessarily expose their fellows just to see a show.

    Look, there probably won’t be anyone there that is a carrier. So, if you are below 60 and not immune-system impaired, why not go? Worst case, you enjoy the show and maybe catch a slightly worse flu and have a couple of weeks working from home.