Choral Chameleon Pops Up At Unitarian Church

Choral Chameleon is well named.

The New York ensemble works in a dynamic blend of genres and art forms — whatever type of choral music is called for, whenever they’re called to perform.

This year’s tour was inspired by the questions: “Regardless of whether we lean left or right, what if we could just leave the zoo? Would we find utopia, or go back to the never-ending search for meaning we humans have been on since creation?”

Cue: “If I Left the Zoo.”

Choral Chameleon

Using humor, animals and music ranging from the Beatles’ “Blackbird” and “I Am the Walrus” to the world premiere of Westport’s own Edward Thompson’s whimsical a cappella trilogy “Aphorisms of the Zookeeper,” Choral Chameleon returns to Westport’s Unitarian Church this Saturday for their only Fairfield County appearance.

The February 22 concert “explores the primal instincts in humans, and the stories and fables of earth’s creatures and transformations.”

For example, Thompson’s new work includes “Alligators.” It’s based on the saying “When I’m up to my neck in alligators, I remember that my intention was to drain the swamp.”

Animals can teach us about life — and with a bit of humor. Both are much needed these days.

Edward Thompson

Thompson — the church’s music director — has quite a resume. He earned a master’s degree from Juilliard, a doctor of musical arts from the University of Hartford, and did post-doctoral work at Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris.

He has composed dozens of pieces for youth, mixed, women’s and men’s choirs, as well as instrumental works.

But this is his first for — okay, about — animals.

 (Choral Chameleon’s “If I Left the Zoo” tour is Saturday, February 22 at 7:30 p.m. For tickets and more information, click here.)

7 responses to “Choral Chameleon Pops Up At Unitarian Church

  1. To call Ed Thompson “Brilliant,” would be a total understatement.

  2. Choral Chameleon is amazing! A must see (hear)!

  3. I went to their concert last year, and it was wonderful. full disclosure, I sing with Ed Thompson, and was not expecting to be blown away by their singing!
    Not to be missed!

  4. This is Choral Chameleon’s third visit to The Unitarian Church in Westport. The first time I asked, “Choral what?” and went just out of curiosity. Then I heard them and it was WOW, when are they coming back? They didn’t disappoint the second time and I can’t wait to see/hear them, now a third time!

  5. These folks produce exquisite music; a clean, clear, fresh sound. Whether it’s chant, madrigal, baroque, romantic, modern, folk, pop – it’s all beautifully sung. So glad they’re back in Westport – and good for them for snagging Ed Thompson!. He too is incredibly gifted. …And the UU church has wonderful acoustics and a modern feel – great vibe.

  6. Thanks, Dan. Are you coming on Saturday evening for Choral Chameleon?