Chez 180 Est Ici!

Westport’s newest eatery opened a couple of hours ago.

Chez 180 is named for its address: 180 Post Road East. That’s the big building next to Design Within Reach, opposite Le Penguin and Jeera Thai.

The interior, with a view of the Post Road. There’s plenty of parking, and an entrance, in back.

Offering contemporary desserts, fresh baked breads and pastries, crepes, sandwiches, soups, salads, artisanal coffee and more, it’s downtown’s first patisserie since — well, je ne sais pas.

Chef Carlos Perez trained at the French Culinary Institute, then worked at top New York restaurants before returning home to Connecticut.

In 2006 Perez opened La Palette Bakery in Watertown. He operated it for 13 years, while also working as an executive chef. He closed La Palette in June, to pursue Chez 180.

Chef Carlos Perez holds a “Carlos’ 180” muffin. It’s got bacon and shallots, with gruyere, aged cheddar, a soft boiled egg and chives inside.

It looks like a winner. It’s warm and welcoming, with a wonderful menu (click here, then scroll down to see).

Chez 180 is open 8 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. Sunday through Wednesday, 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. Thursday through Saturday.

Some of the treats at Chez 180.

13 responses to “Chez 180 Est Ici!

  1. Are there any calories in his food? Just kidding.. everything looks delicious!

  2. Beaucoup de bons vœux à Chez Cent Quatre-Vingts!

  3. The place is beautiful. It’s next to Mancini Salon. Great addition to the building. Lots of parking.

  4. Noel Parmentel

    Dear DAN=Just what I was looking for [i.e. A nice “∫view of the Post Road.” Any Anybody remember “Watch the FORDs go byeˆ?” Best/Noel [NoelJr@OptOnline.Net


  5. It’s open on Saturday too

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  6. What a great place I was just there please stop in

  7. Carbs schmarbs!! This place looks trés fantastique!! Yum! Wishing Carlos much success!

  8. Try their scones. They’re superb. Add coffee and you’ll feel 32% better no matter what.

  9. Hmmmm; if he opened at 6am, I know a lot of folks who might light to make it there “before work” spot…at 8am, many start or are already into, their work day. Guess the leisure crowd is sufficient for CHEZ anythig.

  10. Zulma Heidelberg

    Zulma Heidelberg
    So glad to have such a beautiful place downtown !!

  11. I found it Now to find it tomorrow. We will. I just went in the other direction.

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