Pic Of The Day #1018

Kings Highway North cemetery, at Wilton Road (Photo/Peter Tulupman)

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  1. Susan Hopkins


  2. I remember from many years ago when I and a friend, who was into taking rubbings of cemetery stones, would travel around to find places like North Kings Highway . . .and all over New England. In the “olden days” the stones often would say that such-and-such a person died of “consumption,” (or whatever). By following the burial yards from town to town it was possible to see how such diseases “traveled.” The markers were rough-cut slabs of granite, smoothed by hand, and incised, gently, with chisels. There is a wonderful book called (I think) “Rich and Famous” (Can’t remember the rest of the title). It’s all about the evolution of burial places, from simple plots where the dead were buried, to the eloquent (or gaudy, some would say) monumental marble funereal statuary where the rich and famous — just as they had while living — were “laid to rest” in the high places in manicured palatial gardens. My father was buried in the cemetery across the street from North Kings Highway. I would learn years later that the burial box in which his body was lowered into the ground, was moved from where the spot where the service took place, to another location in the cemetery’s “back 40” lot. A friend commented here at 06880, “Oh, that happened all the time.”O-Well?

  3. Dan, been looking for a kid to do a clean up project of at least one cemetery. I’ve had three high school kids agree then, poof! If you know of any kids email me. There are a couple that really need work.

    • Hopefully someone will see this and respond!

    • That could be a good service project for a Scout Troop. Maybe contact one of the local troops. Years ago our now grown sons did a clean up project off Evergreen Ave with Troop 36.

  4. Deej, I suggest that you offer the opportunity to one of the three scout troops in Westport. I know that this type of work has been taken on as an Eagle project in the past.

  5. Great photo. Now I wonder about this poor Ebenezer fellow. Did he die from “consumption”? Dan, maybe you will want to interview one of his living descendants (if any).

  6. James Sullivan

    He was a Disbrow…