RTM Committee To Discuss Museum, Arts Funding

In light of the current debate over the role of town funding of the Westport Museum of History & Culture, it’s fortuitous that a public discussion of that very topic is planned.

The Representative Town Meeting’s Library, Museum and Arts Committee meets next Wednesday (January 29, 11 a.m., Town Hall Room 309).

Among the agenda items: “the appropriation of town funds to various arts and museum councils and arts programs, as proposed in the
Selectman’s proposed budget.”

The Westport Museum for History & Culture — previously known as the Westport Historical Society — has received town funds for years.

11 responses to “RTM Committee To Discuss Museum, Arts Funding

  1. Dan , can the public respond to the agenda by sending a letter to a representative of the RTM? (I can’t make this meeting). Ann >

  2. William Strittmatter

    I must say, today’s chapter in the ongoing Westport History Museum drama is not nearly as exciting as the past several days. However, a bit of a lull is nice and it does look like a set up for fireworks a week from now for the January 29th/30th chapter. There is probably some literary term for that.

    In any event, I have my popcorn ready.

    • Jay Walshon MD

      Will the approval for inappropriate use if taxpayer money by the first selectman and director of finance to compensate non-Town organization employees be part of the RTM discussion?

  3. J.W. Kaempfer, Jr

    Dear Dan,

    Start a petition to turn the director out in the street- possibly the board as well.

    Return the Historical Society to its original name, reinstate the Sheffer Family name, and others, where it belongs and then have a new serious fund raising effort!

    If you can accomplish this you may count on serious support from many of us.

    Best, Joey Kaempfer

  4. Arline Gertzoff

    You probably remember me from Staples Players and I am on this committee for RTM.I could not agree with you more The Kramer family has likewise been thrown under the bus.Paying nonTown employees was the last straw When I asked about the name change I was told “Historical Society is old fashioned and as a museum one can get federal grants?
    It should be a lively meeting Forgot the 40 an hour fee to look at Town archives