Papyrus Folds

Main Street’s latest casualty is Papyrus.

An “Everything Must Go” sign hangs in the store window. As first reported on WestportNow, all stores in the chain are being liquidated.

Papyrus sold greeting cards, wrapping paper, planners, ornaments, wooden music boxes, snow globes and the like.

No date has been set for the closing.

(Photo/Dan Woog)

4 responses to “Papyrus Folds

  1. Love this shop and the women that work there are helpful and pleasant. I just returned from the store – Christmas items (not much left) are 70% off while the rest of the store is 20% and will most likely be more as time passes. No date as to when the store will close but best to get there soon rather than later as their in store stock is going fast!

  2. Ridgefield has such a lovely and bustling downtown area with Mom and Pop type stores that have been there forever mixed in with restaurants, white collar services, and the town hall. Also not far from a theater and a museum. It sounds quite like our downtown with the difference being the small biz can afford to stay.

  3. Sorry to see them go, but I am not surprised. In recent years, many of us stopped using gift wrap (more needless trash) in favor of easier “reusable” gift bags. When you can buy cute greeting cards at Trader Joe’s for a buck, why pay the $5+ at Papyrus and similar stores???

    • Fair enough, but it’s important to support Main Street. Even if Papyrus is part of a national chain, it has a Main Street vibe. I’m old-fashioned.

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