Pic Of The Day #1008

In front of a Post Road West art gallery: a banana duct-taped to a utility pole. Art? Or a snack “hidden” by a hungry runner? Something else? (Photo/Kirsten Woods)

9 responses to “Pic Of The Day #1008

  1. A comment on or homage to the same piece of “art” that was recently up for sale.

  2. Mickey Herbst

    And that one was worth $120,000. This one has to be worth at least that located so near to the worst intersection in CT.

  3. John L Krause

    Most valuable utility pole in town 😉

  4. A banana duct-taped to a wall sold for $120,000 at Art Basel. Bananas have since been popping up everywhere.

  5. Ah – got it!

  6. Mary Ruggiero

    Imagine how much it would be worth if it was an organic avacado!

  7. Banksy was in town, ha ha ha

  8. The “original” sold for 120,000 and was eaten shortly after!!!

  9. Vicky Andriotis

    Courtesy of our friendly, neighborhood Westport River Gallery owner and resident comedian, Ken Warren! Art Basel Miami’s got nothin’ on you! 😉