Vani Court Fire Victim Needs Clothes And More

Yesterday’s house fire on Vani Court was devastating.

A renter lost everything — except his grandfather’s Purple Heart. (That’s the good news. When he told firefighters it was in the still smoldering house, they retrieved it.)

But that was all they salvaged. Jason needs to start over from scratch. He was at a job interview — wearing a thin sports coat — while the house burned down. Even his warm winter coat is ashes.

Jason is a size large in clothes, size 10 in shoes.

He also has an 8-year-old girl and 6-year-old boy. 

Concerned Westporters are collecting clothing, toiletries, small household items, kids games, crafts and monetary donations. There is no need for furniture yet; he has nowhere to put it. (He is staying at a hotel; his children are with their mother.)

There’s another big ask: He needs a car too.

Donations can be dropped off at 18 Bulkley Avenue South (behind Stop & Shop). Funds can be Venmoed to @Jason-milanese, donated via Facebook (click here), or checks (made out to Jason Milanese) can be dropped off at the above address, or mailed there (to Monica Ryan).

Every little bit helps!

Jason’s grandfather’s Purple Heart – saved by Westport’s firefighters. (Photo/courtesy of Facebook: Westport/Fairfield Community)

(Hat tips: Kami Evans and Monica Ryan)

16 responses to “Vani Court Fire Victim Needs Clothes And More

  1. J.W. Kaempfer, Jr

    How about money?

  2. Arlene Gottlieb

    We have men’s excellent sweaters size large etc

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  3. Hi Dan. My husband has a bunch of stuff that might fit Jason. Size 10 shoes too! Can you find out what his dress shirt size is?  We have 15.5 x 36 and 16x 36.



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  5. Jeannette Floto

    I have coats, clothes and shoes for everyone! Please let me know how to get it to them!

  6. Jeannette Floto

    I have coats, clothes and shoes for all! Please let me know where to drop it off!

  7. Jeannette Floto

    I have coats, clothes and shoes for all! Please let me know where to drop it off!

  8. Christina Scherwin

    Here is the link for donations or use Venmo directly for Jason @jason-Milanese. Issue with the donating sites is that they charge a fee and taxes so it’s best it goes directly to Jason and his kids.

    I have to say Westport has shown itself from the most beautiful side this Saturday. Jason is so appreciative for all the outpouring of love.

  9. How about the guy from Weston who took over the Westport Historical Society. Maybe he can kick in for a car?

    • He can buy a car and before he delivers it, he can drive down to Florida and give me back my aunt’s 1932 Bedford diploma!

  10. I have a car he may be able to borrow if he can drive a standard transmission car. How do I contact him?