Unsung Heroes #131

The other day, Saugatuck Rowing Club marketing director Diana Kuen noticed there are a lot of kids in the youth program — but very few teachers.

She figured one reason might be cost.

That’s an easy solve. So now the Riverside Avenue facility — which includes a state-of-the-art fitness center — offers half-price off memberships.

But Kuen did not stop there. She realized there are other town employees to honor too. So the Saugatuck Rowing Club offer is extended to Westport police officers, firefighters, EMTs and other first responders.

Best of all: This is not a one-shot, take-advantage-of-the-January-slump kind of deal. It’s good all the time, all year long.

The Saugatuck Rowing Club wins plenty of trophies on the water. Now they’re winners on land too.

Saugatuck Rowing Club (Drone photo/Ward French)

5 responses to “Unsung Heroes #131

  1. Dan I am going to have to disagree with you: I do not think that they are heroes. My understanding is Saugatuck Rowing Club is a for-profit entity but many think its a non-profit club or a private club. They are running a promotion trying to drum up business. Sure they are free to do that but I do have to share my thoughts that I think that they have made a disaster of the Saugatuck River – blocking boaters, throwing wakes (the river is mostly a no wake zone), being discourteous and arrogant. In fact, one of their motorized boats passed at a high speed within feet of a dock that I was standing on, knocking me off the dock into the water. I was almost swept away but swam against the strong current to safety. I had a decent injury to my leg that took weeks to heal. I reached out to them a couple times to nicely discuss the incident and ask them to stop speeding/throwing wakes, and they ignored me. They continued to operate in a reckless fashion and cause headaches for boaters on the River with no regard for “right-of-way”, no wake/speed limits, and others that are trying to enjoy one of Westport’s treasures (the Saugatuck River).

  2. Dan:

    Am a big fan of this blog and check it daily from my home in the DC area.

    Having known you for years through your involvement in Westport sports, I’ve always respected your writing chops / talent. That being said, I feel that I must call out a very small grammatical error in this story 🙂

    “offers half-price off..” does not need the “off”. Or, you would have been fine with “50% off”.

    Love ya, buddy…