Senor Salsa Says Adios

Add another closing to the list.

An “06880” reader reports that there are “no tables, chairs, booths or counters.” Repeated phone calls to the Post Road West restaurant yields only busy signals.

Sounds like a wrap.

Actually, it’s now closed.

And — though this is a Norwalk closing — it’s worth noting: The Garden Cinema‘s last picture show was last night.

21 responses to “Senor Salsa Says Adios

  1. It’s not a Norwalk closing Dan. Señor Salsa is in Westport at 221 Post Rd W.

  2. Elizabeth Thibault

    Oh no, this is so disappointing! We always enjoyed the food and location, and it was always an excellent way to participate in food trains.

    I think this might still be a locally family owned property. I have a hard time imagining they weren’t partnering with the restaurant owners, to find something that would make the relationship work.

    • Elizabeth Thibault

      Oh never mind, I see it was sold in 2016. So the pattern was likely the same was we’ve seen in other situations recently.

  3. Diane Silfen

    It only took almost 10 years to get it open. It was good. Sorry to see it close. Westport will be empty soon.

  4. Torrey Brooks

    The owners of the property are from Long Island when I was last involved, and the Senor Salsa space has been on the market for lease for some time now. The rent was particularly high.

  5. The numerous Westport business closings reported over the last week or so can be viewed as disturbing, However, they are inevitable given the multitude of factors which influence whether a business keeps going or closes its doors. Some of the reasons for the recent Westport closings include weak sales, rent increases, owner retirement, property improvement restrictions, loss of parking, etc. Rather than lament over these, I look forward to the new businesses that will come to town and help keep Westport the fresh and vibrant place which makes it so special.

  6. Would be a great place for Vila del Sol to take over

    They had a big following ..I hope they come back to town!!

  7. Michael Calise

    Garden Cinema closing is a big loss!

    • Seth Goltzer

      Very sorry to see Senor Salsa go, great food and very reasonable. Hope the one in Fairfield still keeps going. Many years ago the rent was $10,000/ mo. , that’s a lot of Tacos.
      Also miss the Artists Pub and Connollys, from the same space.

  8. Michelle Ludel

    Huge bummer that Garden Cinema closed:(

  9. We will absolutely miss the Garden Cinemas. Best of luck to their employees.

  10. Luisa Francoeur

    Oh no ! We have lost our only Indie theater. I can only hope that a new location for the theater will be found.

    • Wendy Cusick

      Garden Cinemas sister theater is the Avon Theater in Stamford at 272 Bedford St is flourishing according to owner Richard Freeman. Mr Freeman closed down the other Stamford theater called State Cinema on Hope St in 2018.

  11. Garden Cinema’s closing is considered a loss for many.
    However, to be quite honest, the guy who worked the window forever collecting the money while never returning a smile or a hello won’t be missed. I’m not alone in that thought.

  12. Seth Goltzer

    Expect to see more and more Movie Theaters disappear.
    Another business that is doomed because of technology.

  13. The Garden Cinema closing is a great loss to the community!