Photo Challenge #261

Pierrepont’s building is well known.

The school itself is not.

Last week’s Photo Challenge showed a bit of handsome Mediterranean architecture. A slew of “06880” readers knew immediately that it was the building at the foot of Sylvan Road North, by Post Road West.

Some identified it by name. Others just noted the location.

It’s been home to Pierrepont School since 2002 — 3 years after the private school’s founding. With just 159 students in grades K-12, a 3-to-1 student/teacher ratio, and a rigorous yet flexible curriculum, it’s Westport’s best-kept educational secret.

Before Pierrepont, the building served for many years as international headquarters for Lindblad Expeditions. Andrew Colabella — the first reader to correctly identify the photo — calls it “the old Colgate building.” I’ve never heard that before, and have no idea if it refers to the toothpaste, the college, or something else entirely.

Peter Barlow says it’s the “Post House” — named for the builder, a man named Post.

Besides Andrew and Peter, other correct responses came from Jonathan McClure, Fred Cantor, Rich Stein, Michael Calise, Seth Braunstein, Mary Ann Batsell, Torrey Brooks, Susan Siegelaub Katz, Diane Silfen, Linda Amos, Carol Hanks, Daryl Styner-Presley, Darcy Sledge, Tom Ryan, Stephanie Ehrman, Christine Freeman, Seth Goltzer, Jessica Newshel and Karen Root. Click here for the photo (and all the wrong guesses too).

Last week’s Photo Challenge came courtesy of Amy Schneider. She shot this week’s image too, making her a rare back-to-back Photo Challenger. If you know where in Westport you’d see this, click “Comments” below.

(Photo/Amy Schneider)

12 responses to “Photo Challenge #261

  1. Winslow Park?

  2. Christ & Holy Trinity Church

  3. Christ and Holy Trinity fence.

  4. ‘Ft. Apache’/medical offices…Rte.s 33×57.

  5. Fence around Christ & Holy Trinity Church along Church Lane and Myrtle Ave.

  6. Patrick Kennedy

    Fence around Christ & Holy Trinity Church downtown Westport

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  7. Wow – we have lots of similar fences in Westport. I might have said Christ & Holy Trinity Church myself if I didn’t know better. It’s actually Winslow Park – not far away. Similar designer? Anyone know?

    • Holy cow! You mean all the times I have spent waiting at the stoplight at the intersection of Compo and the Post Road has finally resulted in something positive? Re the possible designer: per your own “06880” history on the Sanitarium and the original mansion owners who occupied the site of Winslow Park, that mansion and the Christ & Holy Trinity Church were both built in the mid-1800s (within ten years of each other). So it seems possible that, at some point, the two could have had fences designed and put up by the same person.

  8. Christ and Holy Trinity Church fence.
    That was an easy one.