The Straw That Stirs The Drink Is Now Carbon Fiber

Betsy Fischman Flor had a dream job. She started a blog — Booze Menus — that helped New Yorkers figure out which restaurant, bar or club to drink at, based on neighborhood, price range, specialties and clientele (trendy, hipsters, power scene, tourists…).

Talk about great research!

But then her husband got transferred to Indianapolis.  🙁

Betsy Fischman Flor

Two years ago at a speakeasy there, Betsy was served a cocktail in a copper cup — with a copper straw.

It wasn’t great. She and her friends talked about how the world was changing.

Her husband — an engineer — had a very engineerish reaction: “I wonder if we could make a reusable carbon fiber straw.”

He could.

Carbon fiber is a high-performance, lightweight yet strong material. Though commonly associated with exotic cars, motorcycles, planes and bikes, it makes a great (and BPA-free) drinking straw too.

The product is called Lustir. A combination of the words “lust” and “stir,” it’s pronounced “luster” — which means “a gentle sheen or soft glow, especially that of a partly reflective surface.”

It’s got a hashtag too: #SipResponsibly.

It comes in 2 sizes: tall straws for  highball glasses, short ones for lowballs. Each kit comes with 4 straws, a cleaning brush, and a carrying pouch.

Lustir straws, cleaning brush and carrying pouch.

Betsy milked her cocktail contacts. Once she confirmed a charity partner — Virgin Unite‘s ocean cleanup initiatives get 5% of all sales — she was ready to launch.

She works from her Westport home. She and her husband moved here 10 months ago, attracted by the vibe, the beach, and proximity to New York.

Betsy also loves the town’s environmental and sustainability focus. She was particularly impressed with the plastic straw ban.

Though Lustir is sold in boutiques in New York — and in a cool shop in Taiwan too — most sales are done online.

Savvy Westporters could also pick them up the other day at Temple Israel’s Hanukkah party.

Of course, Betsy says with a smile, they also make great stocking stuffers.

11 responses to “The Straw That Stirs The Drink Is Now Carbon Fiber

  1. Seems like a nice environmentally friendly product but the box style container looks like it is made from plastic and styrofoam. Can the designer please comment on the content of the box container.

  2. Eric William Buchroeder SHS ‘70 BA MA JDE

    Nice idea. But a Guinevere would sing: “What will the simple folks do?” I would wonder if people would have the self-discipline to wash them regularly. Personally, I think the plastic straw dilemma could be self-resolved simply by reusing the GD things. Can’t pollute the ecosystem if they’re still being used productively. Has anyone bothered to check the carbon footprint of producing carbon fiber tubes?

  3. Celeste Champagne

    Can’t wait for these to be sold in the product’s hometown: Westport! Staying tuned…

  4. Manufacturing, packaging, shipping, water usage for cleaning, picture on website of straw in plastic throwaway Starbucks cup with plastic top, $23 for 4 straws…
    Here’s an idea for those concerned:
    Don’t use straws.

  5. I agree with you Bob. I avoid them at all costs. Unfortunately, for the sick and the elderly they are a necessary evil. Here’s to a straw free holiday season!

    • Eric Buchroeder SHS 70 BA MA JDE

      The mantra of The Greatest Generation in WWII should be taken to heart for today: “Use it up. Wear it out. Make it do or do without.” But unfortunately that would undermine the unbridled consumerism that got us here in the first place and which is the underpinning of the 1%. Wealth can’t be created. It can only be transferred. That should be printed on every straw whether plastic or carbon fiber.

  6. love the polyurethane packaging………think i will stick with putting a polypropylene straw in my mouth rather than stick something in my mouth made from polyacrylonitrile

  7. Leo Campagnolo

    I’ve used carbon fiber for APPROPRIATE things: rifles, composite bows, chopsticks for my delicious American sushi.

    But NOT straws

    Let’s all remember tonight is the night Dan was born.

  8. Best wishes for continued success…💞🤗💞

  9. Looks great Betsy. Congrats on the launch and good luck with the company.