Friday Flashback #172

Back in the day, restaurants handed out matches like, well, candy mints.

Back in the day too — when alert “06880” reader/beloved sailing instructor John Kantor was smoking — he collected them.

The other day — in the back of a closet — he found his collection.

They range from old favorites (Arrow, Allen’s Clam House, Manero’s) to barely remembered spots (Beansprout, Panda Pavilion, Boss Tweed’s).

Turns out, restaurants still give away matches. John’s collection includes Dunville’s, Sakura’s, even Bartaco — places still very much alive and well.

Although, if you need all those matches to light cigarettes, you may not be for long.

(NOTE: As a special “06880” gift, John Kantor will send a high-res digital copy of this poster to anyone who wants it. Just email What a great way to “light up” your holiday!)

8 responses to “Friday Flashback #172

  1. Dameon — was that located where Tarantino’s is now?

  2. Linda Pomerantz Novis

    Yes,Dameon’s was there, next door to Mario’s.
    (I remember playing jazz piano there in the mid- to late 1970’s, while John Kantor & his
    friends would often be at at the large center table in the dining room, there.)
    Nice people, nice place..:-)

  3. As an amateur match collector myself I have personally collected and “inherited” some really interesting ones. I look forward to reaching out for a wonderfully arranged picture of local joints of Westport Days present and past!

  4. I have a pottery urn full of matches- it’s a great idea to frame them in a shadow box.

  5. No matches from the Clam Box??

  6. Would love thus! Beautifully done

  7. Were the matches removed before framing?

    • All matchbooks are intact – with any remaining matches still attached. They came out of storage just long enough to take this photo.