Haberstrohs Help ALS Take Over Times Square

Two years ago, Patty Haberstroh was diagnosed with ALS.

She did not take the news lying down.

Neither did her family.

Together they embarked on the #ALSPepperChallenge. Across the country, people — from national celebrities like Shaquille O’Neal, Charles Barkley and Dan Le Batard to local ones like the Staples High School principal and first selectman — ate habaneros and jalapeños, raising nearly a million dollars to fight what is also called Lou Gehrig’s Disease.

In addition, 2 of Patty’s sons — Chuck and Steve — joined the IAmALS advisory board.

This morning, they rose early. With their friends — current and former Westporters Chris Aitkin, Matt Cook, Ben Erwin, Chris Kenyon, Steve O’Dell, Stacy Rosenthal and Raffi Tokatlian — they joined 150 others as IAmALS “took over” nearly a dozen billboards in Times Square.

Steve and Chuck Haberstroh, helping change the world for their mom.

Their messages brought attention to the fight — and spread the message that ALS research can also unlock critical breakthroughs for diseases like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and multiple sclerosis.

Some of the messages were hopeful. Some were educational. Some were defiant.

All are crucial.

Bad weather kept Patty Haberstroh from attending the Times Square event this morning. Her husband — Parks & Recreation Commission chair Charlie Haberstroh — and daughter Kim watched the livestream at home. So did their son Tom, in Charlotte, North Carolina with his family.

4 responses to “Haberstrohs Help ALS Take Over Times Square

  1. Inspiring story. This is a terrible disease. I lost one of my best friends to it a few years ago. He was diagnosed with it one month prior to his retirement. There is some good news though. Today’s Wall Street journal has an article about a new drug that shows promise in a trial study.

  2. Wishing for a miracle cure for Patty and all who suffer!!!!! Love to Patty.

  3. A wonderful family and our heart goes out to them and this fight to find a cure and make life more palpitable for those coping with this terrible disease. Today on my birthday my best friend from our days is coming with his wife to celebrate the day with us. His birthday is ironically on the same day as mine.His wife was diagnosed with ALS not too long ago and is already feeling it’s devastating affects with loss of control of her speech and ability to swallow easily. Our best to the Haberstrough Family whose boys attended Staples with our daughters.We are supporting the ALS Foundation

  4. best wishes