BD Provisions: Saving The Earth, In Bulk

The average American produces 4 1/2 pounds of trash a day. With 28,000 residents in Westport, that’s 45 million pounds of trash per year. It’s probably tons more, of course; we are not exactly “average” Americans.

BD Provisions has a modest goal: get 5% of Westporters to cut their waste by 5%. That’s still over 100,000 pounds of waste diverted from landfill.

So what’s BD Provisions, and how will they do it?

It’s 2 stores: one in Fairfield’s Brickwalk, the other in Newtown. They call themselves “a carefully curated collection of bulk foods sold by the pound in sustainable containers.”

BD carries everything from basic pantry staples to trendy superfoods. There are over 300 items in all: pastas, rice, cereals, bulk teas, spices, grains, snacks, baking ingredients, nuts, candies, chocolates and more. Everything is sold by weight.

Bins and tins at BD Provisions …

Artisan olive oils, balsamic vinegar and local honey is always on tap. They also roast coffee, so you can take your beans home while they’re warm.

You know that satisfaction you get when you scoop the candy at Fresh Market, and get just what you need? That’s the feeling at BD — except you do it throughout the entire store.

Biodegradable and compostable packaging options further ease the environmental impact. The store encourages shoppers to bring their own bags — even canning jars — from home. (You can also buy them there, to reuse over and over.)

… and shelf after shelf of herbs.

BD Provisions is the brainchild of Westporter Tara DiPippa and her husband Tony, and John and Cynthia Boccuzzi. The DiPippas would love to open another location in their hometown.

Until then, they’re connected to Westport by donating 100% of their hot coffee sales all month long to the Gillespie Center.

Sure, it takes a bit more gas to get to the Brickwalk than a store here — for some Westporters, anyway.

But think of all that waste you’re not creating. We’ll get to that 100,000 pounds per year goal — one coffee bean, oat and nut at a time.

11 responses to “BD Provisions: Saving The Earth, In Bulk

  1. David J. Loffredo

    Building off the thread from the other day….why with 72 vacancies on the Post Road in Westport did they open their first location in Fairfield?

    Rent? Access to more people? Available move in ready space?

  2. Tara and her partners have created a wonderful store! Instead of sending the same old gift baskets to friends this year, I filled mason jars at the shop with Prosecco truffles and yummy granola, and pretty green glass bottles with basil olive oil. Made my own “gift basket” with BD Provisions and a decorative tray from my own site,, and now my gifts are all locally sourced and made in USA:)

  3. Eric William Buchroeder SHS 70 BA, MA, JDE

    I love it!!! No guilt trips, pontification or hypocrisy from politicians. And no excuse NOT to do this. If we all take individual, controllable action to live like good stewards of the environment life would have much more meaning. Sustainability is a good thing. Self-sustainability is even greater. Better to light a candle than curse the darkness.

  4. How about not junking your car or remodeling or knocking down perfectly good homes?

  5. Just went for tons of holiday gifts yesterday. Amazing!

  6. I think you did a mitzvah by featuring this store – I’d completely forgotten to patronize them when I first heard they’d opened a store in Fairfield. It is such a little thing that can have a major impact if more of us do it! Thanks for the reminder.

  7. This is a great store the olive oil and balsamic are amazing. But the best thing are the chocolate covered gummy bears—- try them !

  8. Sarah Blumberg

    This store is lovely, owners and workers are kind, has an excellent mission, and has beautiful products and gifts. The DO NOT MISS is the freshly ground honey roasted chocolate peanut butter! I do wish they were closer but we will head back over when these mason jars run low. We wouldn’t mind a Westport location though!