Unsung Heroes #127

I’ve had great service at Fetzer Tire — the shop just over the Westport line, in Southport. They’ve gone above and beyond — quickly, efficiently and professionally.

I’m not the only one.

Jessica Bleiman Hill writes:

Just wanted to give a shout-out to Fetzer Tire. They are so honest and lovely. This is the 2nd time I’ve gone to corroborate the “safety issue” our dealership tried to sell me on.

Instead of paying over $1,000, I took my car to Fetzer. They charged me nothing, and told me I have at least 10,000 miles before I need any brake work.

If you are looking for a place for service, definitely check them out.

It shouldn’t be news when a business says “we don’t want your business.”

But of course, it’s the right thing to do.

And it ensures that when we do need someone’s business, they’ll get it.

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16 responses to “Unsung Heroes #127

  1. Have been a repeat customer for 15 years or more – every new car I buy goes straight to them for a set of Nokian tires.
    Good guys, all of them

  2. Hands down the best!! Have used them for years and have turned numerous friends on to them. Especially recommend them to women who may be taken advantage of at other places. Howie Fetzer runs a wonderful business.

    • Arline Gertzoff

      I agree about Fetzer More honest than their main rival and not taking advantage of women who are not tire expertsJust had your brother on the phone thrilled about track naming for our classmate Laddie Lawrence Actually I feel like I know you as my late brother often mentioned you.Like Laddie I go back to elementary school with your brother.Fitting the final unanimous vote on the track naming for Laddie took place in Town Hall which was BES where I was in fifth grade with your brother and Laddie .I am on the RTM and looking forward to the dedication

      • Hi Arline. Thanks for that! Now we just need Creigh Kelly to MC it and all will be right in the world!

        • Arline Gertzoff

          Fabulous ideaCreigh is also a terrific person No promises but I can try to talk to the powers that be.I don’t know who decides The Who what where and when for the dedication Any ideas I will see what I can find out

          • Jay mentioned Creigh at Thanksgiving and I believe he said he wants to do it. Perfect choice for sure.

  3. Addison A. Armstrong


  4. Agree they are a great company. We love our Nokians!

  5. Fetzer is good. Would love to hear about what the dealer said required $1k in work and what dealer it was. This information is helpful…

  6. I have gone there as well for a new “run flat” tire. So much cheaper than the dealership!

  7. Dick Lowenstein

    We have done business with Fetzer for over 30 years, starting with Howie’s dad, Peter. Even my son-in-law, who lives in Philadelphia, has become a customer. When asked on Nextdoor where to go for tires, etc., I always recommend Fetzer.

  8. Count me as a fan, too! I have only good things to say about Fetzer.

  9. I couldn’t agree more. Howie Fetzer and his guys are always fair and honest. I have been a customer for decades and when I go there and Howie tells me what needs to be done I don’t even question him. I know he is looking out for my well being and safety. I always recommend them when someone asks about tires or any work on their cars.

  10. Yes! we are 25 years and counting going to Fetzer tire…great service and reliability.

  11. Fetzer Tire is THE BEST!!!! Howie, John and Jesse are tremendous! I wouldn’t think of getting my tires or oil change anywhere else!

  12. Ellen Lautenberg

    Couldn’t agree more, the people that work there are great! Very honest, knowledgeable and personable!