Trimming The Angela Trucks Tree

Scores of Westporters turned out yesterday to honor a wonderful Westporter.

And they did it in a very fitting Westport way.

Angela Trucks — who died last month at 69 — was co-chair of the town’s Beautification Committee. She dedicated her local life to making Westport look good. She was particularly involved in the Re-Greening of the Post Road.

So what better place to light a fir tree — symbolizing beauty, warmth and freshness — than on the Post Road?

The tree sits in front of Jesup Hall — Westport’s original Town Hall. It was donated and decorated by Terrain.

The patio was filled with people of all ages. There was music, mulled wine from Rothbard’s, and s’mores courtesy of Amis.

The Westport Downtown Merchants Association contributed ornaments and tags. People wrote loving thoughts of Angela, or other loved ones.

(Photos/Ted Horowitz)

Thanks to all, for this special way to honor Angela’s Re-Greening of the Post Road.

8 responses to “Trimming The Angela Trucks Tree

  1. Thank you once again, Dan. As one who grew up in Westport, I appreciate being able to drop in, through 06880. I’m not sure how you manage to keep up with so much news of past, present and future! But thanks for feeding our collective nostalgia…..xo from a fellow Burr Farms K-6 alum.

  2. I wish I’d known about this!! Angela was a long time friend who also help beautify my front entrance. She will continue to be missed.
    Would love to find out about things before they hapoen😢

  3. What better way to make downtown look warm and embracing for the holidays? Well, these beautiful decorations and the wonderful, colorful lights on the Cribari Bridge are hard to equal. But … someone should show these photos to whoever decided to continue the cold, annual, sterile, surgical lighting around the tree in front of Town Hall and explain to them that it can be warm and welcoming there, too.


  5. What a beautiful tribute to a beautiful soul. I was honored to call her friend for over thirty five years. She is missed deeply, there is a void on earth but I know for sure there are beautiful goings on in heaven. Miss you my dear friend.

  6. On
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  7. Rebecca Ellsley

    Looks wonderful and great way to honor her for all to enjoy!

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