Unsung Hero #123


This one almost slipped by us.

Earlier this month, Nell Newman was inducted into the Connecticut Women’s Hall of Fame.

The ecologist, conservationist, biologist, organic farmer — and founder of Newman’s Own Organics, and the Nell Newman Foundation — joins a long list of amazing Nutmeg State women, including Helen Keller, Marian Anderson, Clair Boothe Luce, Ella Grasso and Katherine Hepburn.

Nell Newman

Her work in organic food was inspired by her youth in Westport. When she learned that her favorite bird — the peregrine falcon — was headed toward extinction because of the pesticide DDT, she began studying ecology.

In 2014 Nell received the prestigious Rachel Carson Award from The National Audubon Society, for her environmental leadership.

Westport is justly proud of Nell’s parents, Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward. Both were active in a number of important causes, far beyond stage and screen.

We are proud now too that this Westport native is paying it forward. Congratulations, Nell, on your Hall of Fame honor!

(Hat tip: Kathie Motes Bennewitz)

3 responses to “Unsung Hero #123

  1. Joyce Barnhart

    Congratulations to Nell. I heard a story that someone complimented Joanne Woodward on her daughters, saying they were even prettier than she was. (A mother might have mixed feelings about a remark like that.) Supposedly she replied that she didn’t have Paul Newman for her father.

  2. Lori Winthrop Dockser

    Well done and congrats to you! Because of who you are and what you’ve done, regArdless of where you came from. This one is all you

  3. In the 1970s, the elder Newmans used to do a lot of their Christmas shopping at our non-profit World Affairs Center on Taylor place. They’d come in, browse for long visits — we’d leave them be. So would other customers. A civilized town. They’d always leave with stacks of books that dealt with issues of peace and human rights. Most of all, they bought gift items and art featuring peace dove and other bird images, saying that their daughter was a collector. Now I realize that these must have been for Nell.