Bassick Band Needs Music Men (And Women)

In Westport, our schools’ stellar music program is a given.

Just a few miles away in Bridgeport, it’s a gift.

Bassick High School struggles with the basics. Recently, administrators found enough money to hire a band leader. Jon Garcia is eager to teach students, who are just as eager to learn.

But they can’t play without instruments. The band closet was almost empty.

Bassick High School band director Jon Garcia.

When Westonite Martha Deegan heard about the situation, she called a meeting with her Sky’s the Limit Foundation board of directors. They voted to take on the project.

They ask area residents with instruments languishing in closets, attics and basements — in other words, plenty of Westporters — to donate them to the Bassick marching band.

The foundation will clean them, and replace cork, pads and valves — whatever is needed to get the instruments in working order.

It would be great, Martha says, to get donations to buy new ones. But that’s expensive: a new tuba costs up to $7,000. So they’re concentrating on used, semi-forgotten but desperately needed instruments.

She has a personal desire to provide saxophones: Her father played sax with Stan Kenton and the Paul Whiteman Orchestrsa, back in the day at Cedar Point, Ohio.

Martha will pick up any instruments — anywhere in Connecticut. She’ll also reimburse shipping costs from out of state.

She’s off to a great start. A lawyer friend called, and offered an accordion, violin, sax, conga drum and cymbals from foreclosed houses that are being cleaned out.

Donations have already begun: trombones, trumpets, woodwinds, keyboards, euphoniums, electric guitars, and a clarinet, banjo and grand piano (!) from Westporters, and a flute from a Weston family.

Local residents involved include Dr. Jennifer Baum Gruen, opera singer Lucia Palmieri, “What Up Westport” founder Marcy Sansolo, Sue Connors, Shirley Hwang, Sue Daly and Kristana Esslinger.

Bassick High School band members.

Norwalk’s AAA Band Rentals shop — owned by Weston resident Mike Spremulli — has offered to recondition (free!) all donations.

Members of the “Bassick Big Band” will play at Barnes & Noble on Saturday, November 9 (3 to 5 p.m.). They’ll accept contributions (of money and/or instruments). The store will donate a portion of its profits from sheet music and music books to the school’s program.

Still needed:

  • 4 flutes
  • 1 obe
  • 1 clarinet
  • 4 alto saxophones
  • 3 tenor saxophones
  • 1 baritone saxophone
  • 5 trumpets
  • 2 French horns
  • 5 trombones
  • 2 baritone euphoniums
  • 1 tuba
  • 1 concert bass drum
  • 1 concert snare drum
  • 1 pair of crash cymbals
  • 1 timables
  • 1 pair of congas
  • 1 pair of bongos
  • 2 electric bass guitars
  • 1 electric guitar

“The Good Book teaches us to ‘make a joyful noise unto the Lord, all the lands,'” Martha says. “This is my holiday wish and mitzvah for the Bassick High School marching band.”

(To donate, email


14 responses to “Bassick Band Needs Music Men (And Women)

  1. Alison Heisler

    How can I get in touch with Martha? I have an electric guitar to donate?

  2. Ilene Mirkine

    This is a wonderful initiative! We recently cleaned out our stored items (for a move) and donated many instruments to Horns for Kids (also in Fairfield county, with a similar mission). Wondering if they might help, and fill in some of the gaps?
    Let’s keep these music programs alive!

  3. Dan: Phone number or email to contact for donation!

  4. Micki Rosenzweig Tiffen

    I donated my son’s Yamaha electric guitar. Lucia had contacted me after seeing the item posted on Facebook marketplace. Others who heard about it also donated items. I am glad I could help in a small way.

  5. Mrs. Jan Blevins

    I am a proud, long time teacher at Bassick High School. I can remember our marching band and holiday performances and Christmas carols with beautiful voices walking our halls. I also remember years of no music….with our new music teachers, I now hear music in the morning before school and during the day and even after school!!! Look at the faces in the photo that accompanied this….they are some of the creative, hard working students who so deserve this experience, and we have many more students who would benefit from this! Music is magic- to perform, to enjoy, to just hear!!!! I THANK YOU FOR THEM AND FOR THIS, and for bringing the music to Bassick again! GO BASSICK!! GO MUSIC!!🦁🦁🦁

  6. Marcy Sansolo

    martha’s heart is always in the right spot.

  7. I have a clarinet… do I deliver??

  8. I have a trumpet, how can I arrange to have it picked up? I’m not available on the 9th. Thanks for your work! Feel free to email me directly at

  9. I emailed Martha twice about multiple instruments I was willing to donate (the second time to provide her with my address and contact information), and never heard back. Either she’s too busy with all the responses, or they don’t need any more equipment…my conclusions anyway.

    • Ken, I think we finally made contact? If not, please telephone me at home: (203) 557-0532. (Had a new grandchild on 11/4/19, so helping out with her. Plus have collected over 100 instruments. Still we need more. Please reach out!