“06880” Persona Interview: Board Of Education Candidate Liz Heyer

“06880” continues our series of “Persona” video interviews with candidates for local office. Rob Simmelkjaer produces these, as part of his new venture that helps users create casual, interesting conversational videos.

Today’s interview is with Republican Board of Education candidate Liz Heyer. Click below:

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7 responses to ““06880” Persona Interview: Board Of Education Candidate Liz Heyer

  1. We need one middle school then there would be no need to redistrict or worry about parity. I still think the intermediate school model would work best like Weston and Wilton. Our priority should be correcting a problem that was made when 1/3 of the town was districted to one middle school and 2/3 to the other school.

  2. why do candidates run on the republican party?

    • Because they want to tax the hell out of Westport and the state of Connecticut in general….hoping for a mass exodus of businesses and people throughout the state.
      Just kidding, that’s already happening under another ticket.
      Obviously, they run because they hate the elderly, children, minorities, the poor, the environment and animals…

      • Richard Fogel

        listen to the opening statement of the iraqi war veteran who will be deposed today in the House. Make lying great again Why do people who want to be taken seriously run for office on such a governing party. Shameful. The party that takes away kids in need lunch at school. The party of Jesus Christ and the holy rollers of honsety

  3. Thank you, Liz, for stepping up to serve our community! And, thank you for your very thoughtful answers to some of the most important questions we face in our District. We will be fortunate to have you on the Board of Education!

  4. Robert Harrington

    Great interview. So great to see someone driven by what has gone on over the past couple of years on this board – stepping forward and saying I want to help. Liz has great industry experience from her successful career at American Express and has huge insight on strategic planning and communication – both skills the BOE desperately needs. We have great access to PTA leaders and teachers through the district – they just need to be leveraged better. It’s wonderful to see someone with alternative experience step forward. Great to see this CMS and Staples graduate stand up to take the schools forward. Thank you.

  5. Robert Harrington

    The Democratic Town Committee I hope would really separate themselves from these increasingly harsh and Washington style attacks. We are not electing a President or making a judgement on the Iraq war. We are not talking about morality or someone’s family values.

    We are picking a local school board to return confidence to a 1st class school system that has taken too many shocks over the the past couple of years.

    Schools BEFORE Party.