Pic Of The Day #923

The old Max’s Art Supplies’ brown color scheme is changing. The new tenant will be LoveSac, a modular furniture store. (Photo/Kathie Motes Bennewitz)

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  1. Just what we don’t need……we DO need a hardware store downtown or where the cleaners used to be near Coffee An’, and we need another rt supply store, we all miss Max’s ….and we need a delicious morning bakery with free croissants and fresh baguettes and French coffee….can anyone else weigh in with what’s missing downtown?

    • Free croissants?? Sign me up! Yes, a fresh, fab bakery would be great- but alas I think between Westport rents & anti carb sentiment, there’s little hope of flaky French deliciousness..Does anyone remember Just Delicious across from Klein’s in the Soup’s On era & their good food & giant yummy croissants?? Or Vie de France in the Carriage Hill shopping center? Those baguettes were so fresh! Chocolate croissants, sigh..not too sweet..There’s a non-profit luncheonette type place in Danbury that is staffed by adults w/disabilities & the Prospector Theatre in Ridgefield w/similar type job training: what about a super soup/salad/coffee/French bread type place that would offer feel good food combined w/do good for the community & underserved young adult/adult disabled? Any landlords, entrepreneurs, social service peeps willing to work together to restore Westport its downtown heart & a daytime gathering place?

    • PS what’s also missing downtown is Remarkable Book Shoppe, World of Cheese, a gem called Foreign Intrigue. And across from Playhouse Square: the Ice Cream Parlor w/its antique fixtures and miles long Penny candy counter- what fun! Best b’day parties ever!

      • I can see the round, smiling face of the owner of World of Cheese. Harry? I spent the morning of my wedding in their rest room, upset stomach from stress! Can you remind me what Foreign Intrigue sold, and where they were? I know I hung out there, but it’s misty. Also loved Liverpool. Ah, the lovely ’60s and ’70s Westport. Sigh.

        • Dear Wendy, ahhh Foreign Intrigue- between World of Cheese plaza & Acorn Pharmacy there was a 2-3 story older white Bldg (in 60s-70s, & on) w/a flagstone patio out front & a few steps down to the lower level, full of windows & bright, but I believe shaded by the overhanging multi windowed floor above, which had flagstone steps to what was once a very good & popular restaurant- name escapes..Anyway, down a flagstone ramp or a few more steps & into a wonderland of foreign gifts & treasures, all seemingly unique & handcrafted is n magical places, far away. I remember mobiles, chimes, geodes, glass, silver jewelry set w/turquoise & abalone- nothing cookie cutter. I’m pretty sure Pier l was open then on the Post Rd., but held none of the magic of Foreign Intrigue, in much the same way that around every corner in Remarkable Book Shoppe, there was something curious rather than the expected. Lots of books & crannies like Remarkable had as well. I was very young & my father took me to Foreign Intrigue each year to find my mom the perfect, very special Christmas present & a new ornament for our tree. When I was a teen, I liked to go in to look @ the pretty things, only slightly less wondrous, w/my friends, after previously scoping out The Selective Eye & Rachna of India for groovy things, The Country Gal for cords or to see what was on sale, & to look thru the record bins & admire the glass animals @ Klein’s. I’m pretty sure Klein’s had doll houses, too..Can any charming CT Main St. now compare to those charming, innovative & unusual shops & leisurely shopping & window shopping experience of those days? New Canaan? Darien? Kent? Wonder & excitement at every shopkeeper’s threshold crossed- nothing mundane except maybe for the towers of sneakers @ Schaeffer’s or floor to ceiling painters pants @ the Army/Navy store & watching staff clamber up a ladder to fetch sizes was entertainment enough!

          • The restaurant you’re thinking of was Chez Pierre. I worked at Remarkable for five years, and we had lunch there almost every day. Little necks and their wonderful salad. My husband & I conducted our whole romance there. At one time there was a lovely clothing shop underneath called ‘Flair’. Later on it was La Palapa. Recently I found a ‘Chez Pierre menu on eBay & bought it.
            I remember the name Foreign Intrigue more than the contents, but I certainly remember Selective Eye, and The African Room, which was up above Country Gal.

    • Thank you Ann.

  2. Yech.

  3. …remember Marvel Bakery….right in the center near where Tiffany’s is now.
    A great bakery.

  4. No, I don’t- when was that?

    • Mary Cookman Schmerker

      Actually, Colgan’s Drug store was where Tiffany’s is today. Marvel’s Bakery was either the next up or perhaps there was another store before the Bakery. Next was De Maria’s Barber Shop. I think before you got to the Fine Arts Movie Theater there was a sporting goods store but I have forgotten the name. I bought my first lace up ski boots there. Previous ski equipment all came from the Army / Navy Surplus Store that was across from the original Post Office and Town Hall. I am obviously going waaaay back to the late 1940’s and early 1950’s.

      • The sporting goods story was Schaefer’s. And when did Colgan’s become Thompson’s?

        • Mary Cookman Schmerker

          I don’t know which probably means it was in the 1960’s ( or after) when I was in college and not paying any attention to Westport . Thanks for reminding me it was Schaefer’s sporting goods. I remember some wonderful backstory about Mr. James DeMaria and his life of service.

  5. So glad my father, Max, is not alive to see this. It would make him so sad. It makes me sad. So sad to see Westport and most other towns becoming strip malls.

    • I remember Max with great warmth. I was just thinking how sad this makes me — my nostalgia for the 1960s-1970s Westport is pervasive. I don’t live there now, but those were great years! Thank you so much.

  6. Linda Pomerantz Novis

    Wendy Newton,
    I first heard about your wonderful World Affairs store,from John & Gay Mehegan, back in the 1970’s..
    I also remember Kay Metts’ store, ‘the African Room’ near Kleins,on Main St.
    (Michelle Meets my good friend, growing up in Weston.)
    My mom,Jane Pomerantz, was Weston’s elementary school librarian during 1960’s -1970’s; she was good friends with Linda Fein-
    The beauty of small towns-everyone connects in so many ways 🙂

    • I remember you, Linda. We’ve met. I live in Northampton, MA now. I think we met when I had my label, Green Linnet Records. My husband David had Wicker & Wood in Westport. I think we met through the Mehegans. Did you not study with one of them?

  7. I moved to Westport in 1983 so I’m not familiar with several of the shops mentioned above. However, I have fond memories of Max’s as well as: Ships, Soup’s On, Atticus Bookstore, Remarkable, Laura Ashley, Chez Pierre, Things (a charming antique shop), Klein’s, Glynn’s, and several others. It was fun walking down Main Street then. Now? Meh!

  8. My late father was a professional cartoonist, and I spent many happy hours tagging along with him on his frequent trips to Max’s. I can’t even look at the picture of the new color scheme and paintover without feeling wistful.