Friday Flashback #162

The streetscape looks the same.

(Photo/Fred Cantor)

But Fine Arts I and II move theaters, Fine Arts Art Supplies, Westport Smoke Shop, Schaefer’s Sporting Goods, Quick Copy, Village Coiffeurs, Ship’s Lantern bar — even the traffic island and crosswalk — are all gone.

That’s not unusual. A lot happens in 42 years.

So if Marty McFly suddenly traveled from 2019 to 1977 — when Fred Cantor took this photo — would he feel very disoriented? Or quite at home?

Probably both.

19 responses to “Friday Flashback #162

  1. richard fogel

    time MC Flys

  2. Patricia Blaufuss

    Looks like “The Last Remake of Beau Geste” is playing at Fine Arts II.

  3. Dorian Barth

    We lost a great community gathering spot when we lost the movie theatre.

  4. Peter Barlow

    I remember a lot of different stores in this view. There was Breslow’s (newsstand, candy -for the movie kids,- stationery, some art materials), DeMaria’s Barbershop, Marvel’s Bakery (European cookies and cake – not the fluff at the DeLite Bakeshop on Main), and just ONE Fine Arts Theater.
    I’m surprised there was no upper floor over Max’s (Breslow’s) but I guess there never was much business in upper levels in Westport.

    • Mary Schmerker

      Thanks for all those memories, I’ll add Colgans Drug Store on the corner. A perfect place to hang out after walking from the old, old, Staples or Bedford Jr. High while waiting for the town bus to take us home after school.

  5. Great picture of the Fine Arts Theaters and their neighbors. In the 50’s we would go to Saturday matinees when Fine Arts was just one theater for 25 cents. My friend Skip Murphy thought we could save the 25 cents if we walked in backwards.

  6. Rosemary milligan

    Marvels Bakery – best eclairs in the world with Real whipped cream not that other junk.

  7. That’s when Westport was a great place to live 🙂

  8. Alicia Merritt

    We moved to Westport in 1985. It was pretty much like your photo, plus there was, of course, the Remarkable Book Shop, Klein’s stationery, a gas station mid-Main Street, Gristles grocery, that wonderful video store with the irritable parrot along the river, Sally’s, S&M Pizza. Then, all of a sudden, everything was “upgraded.” Okay now, but better then!

  9. Mickey Herbst

    Before I moved to The Mill I had Quick Copy there from 1971 to 1996 after Dean’s cleaners moved out. My neighbors in addition to the fine arts theaters were Max and Shirley Kaplan, Tip Schaefer, Terri and Bev in the Smoke Shop, I think Sandy Lefkowitz had a store between me and Villager Coiffures where Frank and Ralph performed their magic on the blue haired ladies. The Ships was across the ally. Upstairs where Toquet Hall is now Schaefer’s had ski equipment for sale. It was a neighborhood for sure.

    • Jonathan O'Connor

      My dearest Mickey, I have missed you sorely for many years now. I truly hope you and yours are all doing well. Thank you for helping me to grow up a little with your help and caring.

      • Mickey Herbst

        Jonathan, thank you for the very kind words. I remember you as a fun loving young man who lifted the spirits of those around him. All is well with us and our family. I hope the same is with you.

        • Jonathan O'Connor

          I tell the story about the incoming mail quite often. Herbert J. Methanol always brings hearty laughter. Sinatra sung in the alley and, “DARK-OUT-NOW!” firmly hold second and third place. I am grateful beyond words to know you are all well. Maybe we’ll meet again someday.

  10. Linda Pomerantz Novis

    Beautiful photo! Says it all..
    Memories ofFine Arts Theaters continuous showings on a Saturday:if we missed the beginning of
    the feature, we’d then sit through the same movie until getting to the part we came in!-then our mom would hustle us out the doors there..:-)

  11. I feel as if some of those 60’s cars will be stopping (or posing) at the Crest or Big Toe Shoppe. Westport in the mid 60’s to 80’s was a great place!

  12. Caryl Beatus