[OPINION] Unsightly Stump Town

Alert “06880” reader — and concerned streetscape admirer — Bob Weingarten writes:

Westport’s tree warden decides whether a tree on town property should be removed.

That includes the strip of land extending from public roads to private property, in front of most Westport houses. We’ve all seen signs on trees that are to be removed. After authorization, a town crew cuts down the tree. But they frequently leave the stump, because it is costly to remove. (Homeowners who remove trees on their property usually do remove stumps.)

One stump …

Recently the town removed 4 trees, because of decay or other issues, on Hillandale Road. The stumps are still in place, and probably will remain.

… more stumps …

There are also 2 tree stumps on Center Street, and many stumps on other streets.

They become very unsightly, with all kinds of growth.

… and another. (Photos/Bob Weingarten)

The issue is whether the town should remove the stumps, because they change the characteristics of our streets and the value of our homes. I believe that since the stumps are on town property, homeowner cannot remove them.

I’d like to hear what other Westporters think.

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  1. Dan, I’d comment but I’m ‘stumped’. Richard

  2. I rather like the stumps especially when growth begins around them and on them. I have three in my yard all together and I would love to be even more creative with them. Any suggestions?

  3. Seems to me their job isn’t done until the stump is removed.

  4. What a First World, 21st Century issue.
    That last Pic the tree is saying “I’m not giving up…”
    I’ve had several trees removed, some intentionally, some not (weather). The stumps go away, eventually. One creative person in Shelton has turned a row of them into flowerpot holder pedestals.

  5. It’s actually pretty easy. You drill holes and add a product-name escapes me-that over time rots the stump until it disintegrates. Takes a long time- perhaps longer than a homeowner wants-but it works.

  6. Eric William Buchroeder SHS ‘70 BA, MA, JDE

    You can rent a stump grinder for $50 per 1/2 day or, better yet, borrow one from the local library.

    • You still have to clean up the grindings, dump them, replace the soil and add seed or put down sod if needed…
      Also, for many of these stumps that are close to the road, you would need traffic control….unless you want the stump grindings to fly into a passing Tesla, Ferrari or Mercedes.

  7. Before a stump can be removed via excavating or grinding, “Call Before You Dig” has to be notified to check for underground utilities….so everything isn’t as simple as it may seem.
    Also, stumps are natural and organic, and those in the marketing profession will tell us that organic can only be good (though I have my doubts about some organics….like Cobra venom)
    Stumps release nutrients, are loaded with microbial life and insects, and when the dead roots decay they create drainage channels and aeration to the soil….plus they give little critters shelter. Basically, it’s in line with horticultural called Hügelkultur.
    If anyone decides to remove these stumps, I say we meet at the Ruth Steinkraus Cohen Bridge for a stump strike…

  8. Perhaps they could leave totems instead of stumps⁉️😂🇺🇸

  9. “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” “Beauty, like supreme dominion, / Is but supported by opinion” “Beauty is no quality in things themselves: It exists merely in the mind which contemplates them; and each mind perceives a different beauty” Grind them down!

  10. I am off the mind to let the stumps naturally decay back into the soil from whence they came. What could be more ecologically friendly?

  11. You could lime them

  12. A few years ago, the town removed a large tree at my house, leaving a stump, and I have noticed over time that flowers grow very well next to them. Probably the nutrients.

  13. Isn’t there some sort of Beautification Committee that oversees these problems?

  14. My opinion… the town needs to complete their job.

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    • Perhaps, unless their job is to remove the hazards with a limited budget and resources.
      I doubt the stump is a hazard to passing cars and pedestrians…

  15. I’m more than willing to help with this if the town doesn’t want to do anything about it. Also more than willing to work with the town. I’m born and raised in Westport and offer stump grinding, chip removal and install a new lawn give me a call 2034517148 here’s a link to my fb page I’ve done quite a few stumps for parks and Rec at the beaches and parks in Westport https://www.facebook.com/stumphogllc/