If Main Street Looks Messy …

Alert “06880” reader Sharon Fiarman has noticed a slew of empty storefronts — and a ton of construction — on Main Street.

She wondered what was going on. It’s a great question.

I asked Westport Downtown Merchants Association president Randy Herbertson. He says:

Major flood-proofing is going on in these spaces, which is why they are so ripped up.

It is a significant expense (which the old Chico’s space already went through), but necessary in these times of climate change.

(Photo/Sharon Fiarman)

We have some great new stores going in — a profile that makes sense for downtown Westport (versus the new Norwalk mall.)

Lululemon is expanding into the old Nike space, which will now include more experiential activities.

Johnny Waas, a clothing store, is going into the old Allen Edmonds, while Sundance (Robert Redford’s brand; only 16 stores nationwide) will be in the old Ann Taylor.

Also, at the far end (the old Talbots Kids) will be a new breakfast/lunch restaurant, with a beautiful outdoor patio facing the river.

And further up, Belden Place (the old Nappa space), which is almost done, has signed a specialty exercise tenant for their front space.

More to come soon!

7 responses to “If Main Street Looks Messy …

  1. I am so happy that Main Street is getting a makeover!!! If a great salad place (Sweetgreen, Chopt, etc) and a great independent coffee place went in, our downtown would be booming! Put great food and the people will come!!!

  2. Gerald F. Romano, Jr.

    Rye Ridge Deli on Main Street has a fantastic menu / but a little competition
    never hurts.
    Gerald F. Romano, Jr.

  3. As for Talbots Kids… right next to Rye Ridge?? And I guess we will have no place to repair our screens with Nappa gone. And competition next door! for Rye Ridge? Why?? Is Main street so, so crowded that there needs to be competition ?
    Our Main Street is in serious trouble.

    Pat Porio

  4. nice Dan what a pleasurable read.

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  5. Sorry- I really miss the days of yummy, yummy salads & soups, bread @ Just Delicious, the pretty & affordable sterling silver jewelry next door @ Aspasia, hunting through the many record albums at Klein’s for a new fave, picking out groovy almost one-of-a- kind outfits @ Selective Eye, Plumed Serpent & Rachna of India, exciting meals on French class field trips to La Biblioteque, & the wonderful, wonderful World of Cheese! Sigh, and Remarkable Book Shop- a treasure chest of books & more! How eclectic & charming downtown was back in the day..a very unique shopping experience then & captivating for young & old.

  6. Nice update; well needed changes coming 👌🏼
    You’ll never satisfy 💯 percent of the people
    100% of the time❗️

  7. Nice to see some of the bigger corporate brands going out and some smaller ones coming back in. Would also love some better food/coffee/cafe options to make downtown more of a casual destination- like Neat coffee to come back, as well as some wishlist outposts from other local towns: Flour Water bread (Darien), Coffee Cafe roasters (Greenwich) or Lorca (Stamford), Cava (Greenwich/Rye Brook), Rosie’s (New Canaan), Cafe Nero (Darien), Ada’s/Roost (Greenwich/Darien), Something Natural (Greenwich), a good cheese shop like in Darien/Greenwich, and a great bookstore like Diane’s (Greenwich), Barret’s (Darien) or Elm Street Books (New Canaan).