Trick Or Treat! Just 65 Days Till Halloween!

But you don’t have to wait.

Spooky Town is already open. It’s on the Post Road opposite Stop & Shop, near Bulkley Avenue.

Now you know how to spend Labor Day weekend!

8 responses to “Trick Or Treat! Just 65 Days Till Halloween!

  1. I’m stunned you found such a flattering angle! This whole scene caught my eye yesterday.

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  2. Denise Torve

    This upsets me as this temporary store eats into the business of Party Harty a store that stocks everything we need or want to have for all the holidays all year and is a very generous donor to community events. Support Party Harty with your patronage.

  3. Support Party Harty , due to its a Full Time local business who sells all Holiday products .. They also give back to our community …

  4. And on November 1, the Christmas pop-up shops will open (if not sooner).

  5. Kevin McCaul

    How about a Dan Woog costume?

  6. Chamber of Commerce Annual HALLOWEEN WINDOW PAINTING CONTEST 10/26/19

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    2. Best Halloween Theme
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