Peeved Players In A Parking Pickle

An alert — and unhappy — “06880” reader writes:

For a long time, a number of pickleball players have used the parking lot behind 25 Sylvan Road South to access the public courts behind Saugatuck Elementary  School.

In fact, the Parks & Rec Department told those of us taking their clinics to park there. We park all the way in back. We rarely stay more than 2 hours — mainly on evenings and weekends

None of us have ever seen the back lot remotely filled, even during the busiest weekday times.  Yet here’s the sign we found today.

Sure, it’s private property. But is this really necessary when no real problem exists? A little heavy handed? On weekends, when the offices are basically empty?

I walked in with the Staples tennis coach, who was even more surprised than I was.

Okay, I won’t park there. But I certainly won’t rent space there either. Karma!

The reader emailed later, with a PS:

School starts soon, so the courts can only be used after school or on weekends. Most folks will just use the school lots.

And most of my pickleball crowd prefers to play at Compo, the new bathroom notwithstanding.

It was the mean-spiritedness of the sign that bothered me most.

16 responses to “Peeved Players In A Parking Pickle

  1. Why is someone managing their property such a point of contention/whining. Your anonymous reader (really wonder if people would share such perspectives if you named them-like I am!)? So the pickle ball players need to park elsewhere and perhaps walk a bit farther. Com’n. Your playing in part for exercise and complaining about walking?! Ironic.
    Love 06880 but cannot stand the Wepo Whiners!

    • I’m curious…how do they know which cars belong to tennis and pickleball players???

      • William Strittmatter

        I would think security camera footage. People park, get out of car, walk to courts rather than building. Probably pretty easy.

  2. People are very concerned about potential liability problems. If you were to slip and fall or have a tree limb fall on you or your car the lawyers would be all over the case.

  3. This is the epitome of whining over nothing. Private property is private property….what kind of signage or not is frankly none of your business. If indeed Parks and Rec own the property they call the shots. But they don’t and the owner has every right to ban you and your friends from parking there. Dan I’m surprised you put it up on here.

    • Adrian J Little

      I agree – we own a property near the Playhouse and I chase people out my parking lot nearly every week despite the private property, customer only parking signs. Then I get told “well there is space here” yeah so – there is space in the driveway of my house but you are not going to get to park there either!
      Unreasonable complaint – whether the lot is filled or empty is not the point, nor a justification.

  4. Not only is it a liability issue but there’s a massage school in that area of the building that holds classes and client sessions at various times – including nights and weekends. And the neighboring condos have also been using the same parking lot for overflow parking. The owner has been very tolerant in my opinion.

  5. My company has had our office at 25 Sylvan Road South for over 15 years. Fischel Properties, the owner has commercial property all over Fairfield County. They are a good, friendly and accommodating landlord. That being said, I’m confident this is more about liability than being “heavy-handed”.

  6. Michael Calise


  7. Joshua Stein

    @Dan I am getting concerned with so many of your articles now being from / spurred by anonymous sources (complainers/whiners). You make your commenters use their real names but constantly post articles mentioning “unhappy” “concerned” readers with no names mentioned. Its getting old, its detracting from this sites credibility, and I’ve heard others feel the same way.

    For this issue. Guess what? Its private property. Why should random people be allowed to park on it? We live in a litigious society. I am sure liability is a primary concern. Also there may be laws / case law that could impact how property is used / protected and have underlying implications for the property owner.

  8. Joshua Stein

    PS. I think its in bad taste that you keep posting articles like this without reaching out to the other side before posting. It almost seems as if you are leveraging your site / readership to smear/rile up folks. Kind of like the e-cig / vaping article that was posted.

  9. Wendy Cusick

    Apparently some of you here have short memories.
    I will say this before Dan W does….
    It’s his blog.
    He can do what he wants.
    He’s the writer, the administrator and moderator extraordinaire.
    It falls to his discretion who he chooses to remain anonymous on a particular subject he wishes to post.
    The person who wishes to stay anonymous probably has very good reasons.
    I have worked with the public for the last 34 years or so. I understand from my point of view why someone wishes to remain anonymous.
    Basically, the buck stop with him.
    I would highly recommend to continue to respect Dan’s decisions on his blog.

    • @Wendy I dont have a short memory. Sure he can do what he wants. And I can call him out too. Seems that most commenters here on this article have the same/similar thoughts. I honestly thought his blog was an asset to the community. I have followed it for years. I used to visit multiple times per day and I find my visits becoming more sporadic. Maybe the blog has always been this way and I just didn’t pay close attention. Either way I think its hypocritical to require commenters use their names but there can be all these “whiney” articles trying to stir up trouble with no real names and no attempt in getting the other side’s comment/perspective before going to press. You could say thats typical social media but that is an easy excuse. Thanks for your recommendation but I will continue to share my thoughts as I see fit. Perhaps I will take a break from visiting this blog. TBD.

  10. While we’re at this…

    Why can’t I park at Compo without a pass? It’s unfair — when I drive by I see empty spaces in the lot, I should be allowed to park there, even without a pass.

    Why can’t I park at the train station without a pass? It’s unfair — when I drive by I see empty spaces in the lot, I should be allowed to park there, even without a pass.

  11. A goal of the Town Plan is to increase public parking by either acquiring private lots or by trying to get private businesses to make their lots welcoming to all. The Town tried hard to integrate the Baldwin (public) and the Avery (private) lots, but the owner balked at the last minute. I once wrote to bank that has a usually unfilled private lot and suggested the following sign:
    ” Private Lot, but All are Welcome, Please do not Abuse”. I did not get a response from the Bank manager.
    Don Bergmann