[OPINION] Hans Wilhelm: Causes Of Suicide Are Not Always Physical

Yesterday’s post on suicide drew many comments — public and private. Hans Wilhelm — self-described “mystic, author and illustrator of over 200 books with sales of more than 40 million copies,” former Westporter, current Westonite, and recipient of a Westport Arts Award for Lifetime Achievement in Literature — wrote:

Hans Wilhelm

Your post on the suicide of Mark Snedeker was a sad reminder that more Americans now die by suicide than in car accidents. The cause is not only physical, but in many cases also disconnectedness and loneliness — predominantly with the young generation. This is often paired with a lack of deeper purpose of living.

In a society that focuses mostly on material goals our soul, our spiritual side, often comes too short. Over the years I have found that particularly our youth does have a strong longing for deep spiritual nourishment and information which organized religions don’t seem to fully satisfy.

A few years ago, I started to make short illustrated videos that explain the basic spiritual laws of the universe — mostly for young people. Since their attention span is rather short, I also keep all videos brief and to the point.

I was surprised that my video on suicide quickly became one of the most watched clips of the series. From emails and comments, I learned that this video helped a lot of people over the years, as not every suicidal person has a physical health cause. Here it is:

7 responses to “[OPINION] Hans Wilhelm: Causes Of Suicide Are Not Always Physical

  1. My friend’s teenage son, coincidentally named Hans, killed himself this past week. Terribly heartbreaking for his family.

  2. Joanne Crawley

    That was an amazingly hopeful and helpful video. I think it will resonate with many people.
    Thank you for bringing our attention to it.

  3. Breno Donatti

    Great video and super helpful. Thank you, Hans!

  4. Watched the video and then other videos he has made. Some wild stuff 🙏

  5. Anne C. DiFrancesco

    You did a tremendous job taking a complicated subject and putting into into concepts and text that people of any age can understand. Thank you!

  6. Hans Wilhelm stated something that eliminated Mark. To quote “I learned that this video helped a lot of people over the years, as not every suicidal person has a physical health cause.” Mark was physically bipolar. When he was a junior in high school he felt awful in class because he thought everyone in the class had to feel that way. He finally came to us and he was diagnosed. Unfortunately, he was also a genius in cause and effect…so he knew he was in for a fight, but he couldn’t feel as bad as he felt again. As I said, he was himself when he took his own life. He was now strong enough to do it and I will never hold it against him. I will cry…for sure. For him and for myself…but I do blame the law and the lack of help by professionals. Hopefully the laws change, and brain scans are used for those who are physically sick. Maybe people can be helped and if I find out that scans have helped those with bi polar disease I will report it here.