Osprey: August Update

There was plenty of furor this spring over the Fresh Market ospreys’ nest.

Right now, all seems good.

The nest looked healthy yesterday. Mama was at her perch. Papa was probably at the beach, looking for food.

And Patricia McMahon was there, to take this dramatic photo.

(Photo/Patricia McMahon)

6 responses to “Osprey: August Update

  1. Where do the babies go???
    Where are their new nests??

    • Joyce Barnhart

      The parents migrate out in August. They might be gone already. The babies will follow them soon. It’s another of Mother Nature’s amazing things that the youngsters will know when and where to go.

  2. Jo Ann Davidson

    Most Conn ospreys have started south to their winter homes in Florida and central America. A few juveniles may still be around, Ospreys will migrate north next spring and look for their same nests.

  3. Caryl Beatus


  4. I was there just a few days ago. I noticed one bird sitting alertly in the nest. A few minutes later, I heard the Osprey’s distinctive “cheep” plus and saw two adults flying in with food. If all is on target for them, perhaps it was a “goody bag” from adoring and beleaguered Parents.

  5. Sharon Paulsen

    Oh … this makes me tear up a bit, in a good way.


    Thanks for the post/updates!