Photo Challenge #242

I could say the heat got to me. But it wasn’t that hot last Sunday.

When Beth DeVoll sent an image for consideration as a photo challenge — it showed weather-beaten wood, a bit of brick, and the number “1” — I thought “aha!”

I’d already used the weather vane on that roof as an early Photo Challenge. This was a nice view of another part of the building.

In fact — as Elaine Marino pointed out seconds after I posted it — I’d already used a very similar photo, a couple of years earlier. She’d guessed the location that time too. (Click here for the shot.)

To be technical though, this time Elaine called it the Westport Housing Authority office. That’s actually #5 Canal Street. Morley Boyd said was the Aquarion pumping station. That’s #15.

James Weisz not only got the location, he identified it correctly as the Westport Public Schools’ facilities department office. Kathie Motes Bennewitz knew that too — though she inexplicably called it “2 Canal Street.”

Also correct, with the address of 1 Canal Street: Kati Krizsan.

This week’s Photo Challenge is a bottle opener. (Kids — ask your parents!) I’ve lived in Westport my whole life, and never noticed this. But it’s in a very public place, which photographer Matt Murray pointed out to me.

If you know where you’d see this, click “Comments” below.

(Photo/Matt Murray)

11 responses to “Photo Challenge #242

  1. By Elvira’s?

  2. Telephone pole at Compo Beach!

  3. On the boardwalk at Compo

  4. Hey, where’s the love? I said it was the Aquarion pumping station only in the general sense that whatever else goes on there (the school system is a tenant in a part of the facility) Aquarion is the property owner and it’s there for the purpose of pumping water out of those well fields in the rear.

  5. I walk by this every day and thought of submitting it. It is on the pole on Soundview Drive.

  6. I’m at beach now and I can’t find it!!#

  7. Kathe and Dan A.: correct! Dan V.: not exactly the boardwalk. And I must reiterate (as I said above), I have never known about this, ever. It’s hiding in plain sight, for sure.

  8. Robert Mitchell

    Any explanation as to why it is there? Is it the only one in town?

  9. Michele Whybrow

    Compo beach at the end of Fairfield Street

  10. Amelie Babkie

    I’m gonna guess, at what was Elvira’s and is now Elvir Mae’s?