Pic Of The Day #846

Gloria — the late Alan Sterling’s oyster boat — still sits in Gray’s Creek. (Photo/Jerry Kuyper)

15 responses to “Pic Of The Day #846

  1. Who owns it?

  2. Cheryl McKenna

    Great photo Jerry

  3. Patricia McMahon

    ..in all of her GLORY 💕

  4. Betsy P. Kahn

    I always saw this boat to be decrepit and vulnerable, but no…

  5. John L Krause

    Archaeologists will find her floating there still in 1,000 years. 😉
    Looks like it was made from scraps. But, they were clearly very Good scraps.

  6. Dan,
    I was in Westport today on our small boat.
    Had visitors from England that asked me about that
    House that is set on an island?
    Unfirtunately couldn’t answer them.
    Shame on me.
    Can you fill me in on that house? Private residences? What is the deal on this?

  7. This cannot be good for the environment.

  8. Ellen Greenberg

    I believe that Michael Calise owns the island . I don’t know if he owns Gloria, but he seems to be maintaining the boat. House? There isn’t a permitted house on that “island” (it has a causeway to Owenoke Park), perhaps Calise has built a little temporary shelter.

  9. Hi Dan I always loved seeing the Gloria, it was a home town symbol of stability in an ever changing Westport. I no longer live in Westport but have relocated to Naples Florida where I have been a snowbird for many years. With reference to the Gloria and Allan Sterling I was reminded about a surprising full page article about the boat and the oyster man that appeared in the Naples Daily News a few years ago. It was full of information and photographs, I couldn’t believe it being in the paper here. Unfortunately I lost the article and I have tried the archives but don’t seem to be doing the right thing to find it. In any case you are good at such things and I thought you might be interested unless you already knew about the article. I love 06880 and look forward to all the Westport history in particular. Thanks so much. Sincerely Linda Amos

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    • Thanks, Linda. Sorry I can’t find (and didn’t know about) the Naples Daily News story. I wonder why it was in that paper? I appreciate the kind words – hope you’re enjoying Florida!

    • Wendy Cusick

      Linda, look below in the comments.
      I found the article. I posted it here earlier under your name but never sent.
      I remember it being in the Connecticut Post. I don’t even know why it would be in Journal Inquirer never heard of it until today.

  10. I found it. I remember it was also in the Connecticut Post but can find this.