Batsh*t Bride Comes Home

First came “Groundhog Day.” Then “Independence Day.”

A new film takes place on April 1. It’s not called “April Fools Day” — the title is “Batsh*t Bride” — but the premise is clear.

Just before her wedding that day, a bride pranks her fiance by saying they should break up. Unfortunately, he feels the same way. Everything spirals out of control from there.

Jonathan Smith’s indie feature — starring Meghan Falcone as Heather — debuts August 26 at Stamford’s Avon Theatre. The venue is signifcant: “Batsh*t Bride” was filmed throughout Fairfield County.

Many scenes took place right here, including Christ & Holy Trinity Church and Longshore and Pearl restaurant. A number of Westporters had roles as extras.

The first scene the filmmakers shot was Heather’s failed wedding. Cinematographer Jason Merrin worked on it while in town for his own wedding.

A local blog posted the call for extras. Expecting only a handful of people, Smith planned his camera angles creatively. However, the Christ & Holy Trinity pews were packed.

Lights! Camera and action came later. (Photo/Ellen Bowen)

Many extras were then recruited for other background shots. One was even given a line.

The ballroom and hotel scenes were all shot at The Inn at Longshore. But the production was allowed in only on Monday through Wednesday, for 2 consecutive weeks.

Smith liked Longshore so much, he rewrote several sections to fit the grounds. He added in golf and kayak scenes.

Tickets to the premiere are $10. Chez Vous Bistro offers a $25 prix fixe 2-course dinner prior to the screening, while Flinders Lane Kitchen & Bar has happy hour drink prices and complimentary appetizers after the screening (with ticket stubs).

Email for tickets and dinner reservations.

Batshit Bride

4 responses to “Batsh*t Bride Comes Home

  1. Too bad we don’t have a movie theater in town where it could premiere.

  2. Great church- I went there with my family for 20 years when I lived in Westport

  3. Ellen M Bowen

    I was an extra in the wedding scene at Christ Holy Trinity! Fun seeing the making of a film first hand. Looking forward to finding the back of my head at the premiere.

  4. Rozanne Gates

    Westporter Prill Boyle is one of the star extras. Chez Vous Bistro is always worth a trip to Stamford (and on Sundays from 5:30-7:30 Westporter Suzanne Sheridan performs French music a la Edith Piaf and Jacques Brel among others at Chez Vous Bistro). This sounds like a lot of fun.