What’s Missing On Elm Street?

Construction continues on Elm Street. Check out this photo of the sidewalk in front of the new parking lot by Bedford Square, and the retail/residential building rising in a corner of the Baldwin parking lot.

But something’s missing.

Hmmmm… let’s see…..

Aha! There are no phone poles or utility wires!

They’ve been buried underground. It’s part of a larger downtown project to bury poles and wires.

Main Street (Photos/Chip Stephens)

Now, if we could only do that by the Minute Man ….

18 responses to “What’s Missing On Elm Street?

  1. Dan, it would be a tremendous upgrade to do that all the way around the beach. Look at the poles directly on the beach, terrible. unfortunately the Utility company charges a fortune to do the work.

  2. Joshua Stein

    Be careful what you wish for… underground utilities in flood zones are generally a bad idea… after Sandy, underground infrastructure is still failing (what didnt fail initially) and needing replacement 7+ years after the storm.

  3. Dave Feliciano

    Funny that you should mention the power lines around the Minutemen Statue. My wife had me photoshop the wires and a car out of photos she took for the Westport Womans Club a few years ago. It took a little while but it looked much better. Our prestige area should be “photoshopped” at a charge to all of the new construction in the area.

  4. Burying utilities is shockingly expensive and, now that we’ve entered the CMS-32-million-in-additional-debt era, borders on vanity. What’s really missing from, um, Elm Street is the trees which were just chopped down to make way for all the new impervious surfaces, etc. There was once a time when this was a wonderfully inviting shady street. Now it’s a broiling lunar landscape of unrelieved asphalt.

  5. Eric William Buchroeder SHS ‘70

    Just follow the example of the library. Photoshop the wires out, digitize the sanitized images, put them on the library’s hard drive along with the bait/switch tiles from before. Just don’t forget to keep your eyes shut when in the vicinity of the minuteman.

    • Just follow the example of the town; airbrush our dramatic Revolutionary War history down to just two clinical sentences on the new town site, add a weird, melted “W” logo and boom, we’re a skin deep nothingburger from nowhere in particular.

  6. Nice to have the wires underground
    But when I saw the headline What’s Missing on Elm Street?
    My answer is Villa Del Sol

  7. Michael Calise

    What about the new construction not allowing for a sidewalk

  8. What about the missing 5 foot wide bicycle lanes? In both directions.
    What about the missing 16 ft tall steel masts with flashing lights at the crosswalks?

  9. Richard Fogel

    open space is missing , trees, walking path, shade, inviting open sapce

  10. I read that CT has some of the hardest bedrock there is preventing doing this large scale

  11. The hours I’ve spent photoshopping power lines out of photos is maddening. One more place I can happily take pictures!

  12. Neil Markman

    I was 100% sure that the thing that was missing was people!

  13. Elaine Marino

    Is the building going up on the right side of Elm Street (in the photo) intentionally not going to have a sidewalk? If so, how can this be??

  14. Richard Fogel

    perhaps too much asphalt, too much concrete,and a lack of nature. I hope the town can plan more calming open space and nature. It may help us drive better, park better, and be more considerate to one another. Spending time in calm spaces filled with nature has real benefits. Research it,please