If You Don’t Like The Way The Town Is Being Run, Read On!

Time to put up or shut up.

Or run for the RTM.

NOTE: You can also run if you love the way Westport is run.

Westporters interested in serving on the Representative Town Meeting — the 36-member legislative body that passes the town and education budgets; enacts ordinances (like the plastic bag ban), and reviews certain zoning changes, among other duties — can pick up an election petition beginning tomorrow (Tuesday, July 23, Town Clerk’s office in Town Hall).

Just get 25 signatures from residents of your district, by September 10. (That’s less than one a day.)

Bingo — you’re on the November 5 ballot.

You don’t even know your district map. The Town Clerk’s office tells you everything you need to know — including all registered voters in that district.

The RTM is non-partisan. Members serve 2-year terms.

For more information about this and other election matters, contact Town Clerk Patricia Strauss (203-341-1105; pstrauss@westportct.gov). For more on the RTM, click here.

2 responses to “If You Don’t Like The Way The Town Is Being Run, Read On!

  1. John McCarthy

    Yes, this is a great thing to do. I really enjoyed my 6 years on the RTM. Made good friends and learned a ton about how the town works.

  2. Richard Fogel

    i think our town runs well. thank you town officials Two months ago I reported a large pot hole on Whitney. I asked public works official if anyone ever reported it. They said no. I replied by what a surprise the homeowner where the large crater is did not call it in. It must make her house vibrate daily. Irregardless after I reported it, the next day, a week day, it was repaired. Incredible. Thank you town officials.