If You’ve Always Wanted An Ovni Semi-Nuevo, Here’s Your Chance!

Spotted a couple of days ago, on Facebook Marketplace:



I have no idea what an Ovni Semi-Nuevo is.

Google — which knows everything — was no help. In either English or Spanish.

So I certainly have no clue whether it’s worth $125 million or not.

But I’ll keep an eye out for it. If I see it around town, I’ll let you know.

PS: Interesting, huh, that this is posted on the 50th anniversary of the day men walked on the moon. Cue Rod Serling…

12 responses to “If You’ve Always Wanted An Ovni Semi-Nuevo, Here’s Your Chance!

  1. It’s a semi-new UFO

  2. An OVNI is the acronym for UFO in Spanish. Semi Nuevo means barely used or almost new. I can’t help with the rest of the mystery, though.

  3. The price of $125M is about right, according to the Blue Book, depending on the number of light-years on the odometer. The new ones cost a lot more.

  4. Sadly, I was looking for a nuevo nuevo, not a pre-owned nuevo.

  5. Mary Cookman Schmerker

    My grandson might be interested. He is working on a solar powered car!

  6. John Terpening

    It’s trick photography. It’s a giant dreidel on steroids. Probably wandered out of Klein’s stationary on the way to the beach to check out the new bathrooms.

  7. How about a Nueva Nueva!

  8. I identified flying object…in Portuguese

  9. Richard Fogel

    First it needs to learn to park correctly

  10. Karen Solicito

    oggetto volante non identificato.

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