Fine Arts Festival: Calling All Kids (And Adults)!

Westport’s Fine Arts Festival draws painters, photographers, sculptors — and art lovers — from around the country.

Plenty of residents browse stroll the stalls on Main Street.

But for a town that prides itself on its arts heritage, the number of local artists showing is limited.

This weekend (July 20 and 21, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.), we’ll get our fill.

Following last year’s successful pilot, the Artists Collective of Westport hosts 2 activity tents for kids and parents. Set up at at Brooks Corner, they’re a spot for kids to show off their creatives sides. Drawing, rock painting, origami — you name it, it’s there for children to do.

Action in last year’s Fine Arts Festival children’s tent.

New this year, the Collective will set up a giant Art Experience tent on Taylor Place, near Tiffany.

Over 20 Collective artists have volunteered. There will be several at a time, leading interactive projects and demonstrating techniques and media. Among them: clam shells, eggs, ceramics, murals, wire, camera-less photos, Band-Aids, folded paper, paint and more. Susan Fehlinger is the Collectivist in chair.

Westport Artists Collective co-founder Miggs Burroughs remembers when he was a boy. His father Bernie was president of the Westport Artists Club. Miggs, his brother Trace, and many other local kids grew up surrounded by art. Illustrators, cartoonists and painters seemed to be everywhere — always giving back to the community.

“I have a great sense of pride carrying out his legacy, in some small part, by helping the Collective keep the visual arts alive and lively for generations to come.”

Some of this art may be featured in the Experience Tent.

Miggs will be in the tent, at the 46th annual Fine Arts Festival. He and many others will be working with youngsters at  Brooks Corner too.

Odds are good they’ll inspire at least one young artist. In 2083 — at Westport’s 109th Festival — he or she may be giving back to the next generation, just like Miggs and his very talented colleagues will do this weekend.

(The Fine Arts Festival — and the Westport Artists’ Collective participation in it — is a partnership with the Westport Downtown Merchants Association. For more information on the Festival, click here.) 

3 responses to “Fine Arts Festival: Calling All Kids (And Adults)!

  1. Not so limited, Dan, that the Westport Fine Arts Festival doesn’t include Westporter Nancy Breakstone’s amazing abstract photographs of patterns left in the sand by the Pacific. Okay, she’s my wife and when she gets her location number on Main Street, you can be sure I’ll be back here to post it.

    Tonight people can see a preview at the reception for her two-woman show at The Pearl (the artist formerly known as Splash) at Longshore. Reception 5-7 pm. Be there or be square.

    Or spend time on her site: Click on the Blog tab to understand what it’s all about.

  2. Colleen Wiedmann

    Thank you, Dan, for highlighting the incredible talent and effort that will be on display at the Fine Arts Festival this year! We are so grateful to have the Artist Collective of Westport participating in and supporting this event. They are not only a talented group but true ambassadors of the arts and an organization that values community engagement. Westport is lucky to have them!