Westport Police Address Immigration Raid Fears

The Westport Police Department just issued this statement:

The Westport Police Department has recently received inquiries from members of our community concerning our policies on federal immigration enforcement, specifically the level of this department’s participation in these activities.

Chief Foti Koskinas would like to reassure the community that as a first generation immigrant himself, he is sensitive to and shares the concerns of the community at large as it relates to this matter.

The Westport Police Department is in no way affiliated with or actively participating in federal efforts at immigration enforcement.

This department strictly adheres to and trains its officers on the Connecticut Trust Act, which clearly defines the circumstances and duration under which a prisoner in the custody of state or local police or corrections can be held solely on the basis of an Immigration and Customs Enforcement detainer request.

Initially enacted into law on January 1, 2014, it is also noteworthy to mention that legislation was also recently passed updating this act, further limiting these conditions. Click here for a link to the original legislation.

The Westport Police Department recognizes and truly values the diversity of the community we serve, and seeks to foster an environment of trust in which victims of crime actively seek our assistance regardless of immigration status. As has been set forth as a guiding principle in our mission statement, this agency will always treat all with the respect and dignity that they deserve.

22 responses to “Westport Police Address Immigration Raid Fears

  1. So is ICE planning on busting into a few Westport residences to capture a few(dangerous) nannies, au paires and housekeepers?

    How anyone supports this administration is beyond me. Between this, children living in squalor and the numerous other practices, it’s truly beyond me.

    • Sharon Paulsen

      Agree, particularly in the case of DT attempting to “hide” the fact that he hired “un-documented” workers for some of his properties (probably ALL of them were, IMO … because … “cheaper” labor).

      At least one case got exposed anyway. (I believe it was at his NJ golf club.)

      So, where was the right-wing “outrage” about that? >>crickets<<

      Ugh 🤦‍♀️

    • Jeff Arciola

      Once again a rich arrogant Westporter. Get outside you protected bubble of fancy cars and restaurants and nanny’s and housekeepers. If Westport was on the border I would love to see your reaction. And yes I support this administration following the same paths my family came to the original Westport.

    • Why don’t you open your door so I can move in and become your kids’ undocumented husband. Why those idiots support illegal immigrants but never let any illegal immigrants to stay in their houses is really really beyond me.

  2. Not sure why our police should not arrest illegal aliens? They arrest people for lots of things that are illegal. That is why we have police to arrest people doing illegal activities. BTW I should add that I love legal immigrants. They are what has made this country great.

    • Being in the country illegally is NOT a criminal offense. It’s immigration law (which is civil law) not criminal law. That’s why local police don’t arrest undocumented people.

      • Sharon Paulsen

        Thanks for sharing that info, Mark.

        Important detail/fact that perhaps is not stressed enough in mainstream media.

        (Understatement). 😉

      • What the heck does ILLEGAL mean? Do you know how long those high skilled legal immigrants have to wait to get their permanent status??

    • Richard Fogel

      if every undocumented person in this town was arrested the Westport economy would suffer tremendously,if not collapse. The same is true in the USA. Bob,would your family like to pick fruit vegetables? Would they cook in our resraurants? Bob, would you or your wife or children work on home improvements? Landscaping, painters, masons, dangerous roofing and siding,, babysitting, house cleaning, window cleaning, dry cleaner work, how bout working in our delis? our food markets in which most are full of undocumented people. There are manufacturers all over Ct and the USA full of undocumented workers. These poor people work their ass off from week to week . Many have worked at Trump properties, in republican owned business, in republican households. The country depends on these workers to sustain our economy.. I would like to see the pwners of business who hire undocumented prosecuted. If Trump and family hired undocumented workers,they should be charged. The Westport markets, car washes, the Westport Builder who hire undocumented, the massage and nail stores, the families who hire undocumented help should be charged ,AND all the people on social media like Nex Door looking for ads that read cheap landscapers,cheap painters, cheap masons, that are unlicensed and perhpas undocumented should be charged. So lets get after it.. Ypu can have a major protest at Westport building sites all over town demandiung ICE investigae who is doing the work? Great for our realtors. Many buiolders and realtors that support Trump use undocumented workers. Lets get to the root of the problem. If no one hires the undocumented., they will not come. Punish the businesses and individual American citizens. Protest at building sites in front of mega mansions asking ICE to visit. otherwise leave these good people in peace.

  3. I am extremely proud of our Chief of Police! Thank you!

  4. Dave Feliciano

    Fellow Westportians;

    When Police Chiefs did not enforce Civil Rights Laws in the 1960’s they were regarded with distain, fired and replaced. How is this different?

    The States cannot nullify Federal Laws they disagree with. The Civil War resolved this issue! These illegal aliens have been adjudicated, and their cases were found lacking, and legal arrest warrants issued.

    Police Chiefs and police officers are put in an untenable position by politicians that neither understand Law nor understand that when a judge issues an arrest warrant, wether Civil or Criminal, the matter of arrest is not opposable. Failure to comply brings contempt of Court charges. Prosecution and penalties. These are not Search Warrants, No Knock Warrants as the alarmist left of Ocasio-Cortez and her ilk would have you believe.

    So Chief as to your former immigrant status, it has no statute to allow you to “neglect of Duty”. Please, Reread your oath of office. I have paid rent for illegals to not freeze in the winter. That is charity. Not a deductible one either. This is not the Holocaust, and it is world wide. Too many people having to many children. The insanity of this is not political. It’s survival.

    • How this is different was already explained.

      Police in the US enforce criminal law and traffic law (which is civil). They don’t deal with civil law. Immigration law is civil law. Overstaying a Visa is a civil violation.

  5. The Chief’s position is one more reason the town should be ever greatful that Foti Koskinas wanted the job of Chief law enforcement officer in our town.

  6. Among the many heartbreaking stories about child separation and other trump inflicted horrors immigrants and refugees face, there was one that impacted a CT town. A married man with two children was being deported. He was a homeowner, tax payer and a wonderful asset to the community. The head chef of a very popular local restaurant, he also did handyman jobs all over town, often for little money. Everyone knew and loved him. I don’t know the actual facts of his citizenship status, but he was deported, which meant his wife and two kids had to go with him, as he was their sole support. Because the restaurant didn’t have a back up chef, they were forced to close for several days until they found a suitable replacement. So, the bartenders, waiters, waitresses and other staff who rely on weekly paychecks and tips were out of luck. I wonder what purpose this action served, as it impacted more than just one individual.

    • Richard Fogel

      the purpose is to find blame immigrants for all the evils the USA has. It is an outlet for bigots and racists. They did it to the Jews. They still try to persecute George Soros. . The repugnant party. Trump is not the only one. Trump is the conductor. It is time to shame supporters of these policies publicly. I believe in public shaming. I may start calling out the names of republican owned business in Westport that employ undocumented labor. I can give you a walking tour of some.

      • You hypocrite, how many illegal immigrants are living in your house right now??

      • Bob Stalling

        And yet, Obama deported illegal immigrants at a much higher rate than President Trump.
        I’m guessing we will now hear that anyone who supported Obama should be shamed…
        TDS at it finest.

    • I will move into your house, and later bring in my family because my kids can’t be separated from their parents.

  7. Bravo!