Unsung Hero #106

When an “06880” reader — who asked for anonymity — decided to try the Westport Senior Center’s fitness program, she chose a small personal group training class facilitated by Ilene Boyer.

It was a great choice.

“This lovely, dedicated trainer takes everyone under her wing,” the woman says.

“She teaches proper form and use of equipment. She motivates everyone to work at their best ability, regardless of age or weaknesses. She never treats us like ‘older people.'”

Despite her own circumstances — Ilene uses a wheelchair, and works 2 jobs — she competes in races herself.

Ilene Boyer and Dawson.

She often brings her sweet rescue therapy dog Dawson to class. Members love him.

The “06880” reader has trained with Ilene for 2 years. She had suffered 2 heart attacks before joining the class, and says, “honestly, Ilene changed my life. She makes me so much stronger, healthier and more confident. My cardiologist agrees.”

But, she adds, “my experience is not unique. Everyone feels similarly. We are incredibly lucky to have her as a caring teacher. Her level of caring, expertise and fortitude is truly inspirational.”

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9 responses to “Unsung Hero #106

  1. I’m grateful for Ilene’s commitment and dedication to the fitness program at the WCSA. Thank you for all you do, Ilene.
    Sue Pfister, Director, WCSA

  2. Well deserved! I miss Ilene and her classes. Doggie treats for the Dawsonator.

  3. Barbara McGrath

    Ilene truly deserves this honor. I have had the privilege of being in her classes for many, many years….and always look forward to each session. Thanks so much, Ilene, for your guidance and willingness to work with each of us on an individual basis.

  4. Merle Spiegel

    I love having Ilene as an instructor. Her classes are honestly the first time I’ve ever enjoyed exercising!

  5. Peggy O'Halloran

    Ilene’s classes are simply great. She connects personally with each student and encourages him/her to give their best effort while always keeping safety in mind. She’s smart, gracious, witty, challenging and top of her game. And yes, Dawson’s a lovely doggie!

  6. MaryAnn Meyer

    I couldn’t agree more!
    Ilene provides individual attention to each of her students with a customized training plan. Her classes are fun and enjoyable and the workouts are challenging but doable. It is a delight to be in her classes.
    This recognition is long over due and very well deserved!

  7. Aracelli Cetina

    I love this dog I bring Dawson cookies from Trader Joes he love people and the cookies. Aracelli from Westport. >

  8. Suzanne Goldstein

    I have taken classes with Ilene for many years. She is an outstanding instructor, special person, and caring individual. She sees everything and makes sure you are doing exercises properly. We are fortunate to have her at the senior center.

  9. Bob Weingarten

    Dan, you picked a good one this time – and others before. But Ilene is a special person that has come through issues with a great a attitude and fortitude. I’ve been in her exercise class and she has been an outstanding instructor individualizing exercises per person. I don’t know how she does this but would encourage anyone that wants to join her classes, that they do so.