Vital Organ At Saugatuck Church

If you haven’t been in the Saugatuck Congregational Church sanctuary for the past few weeks, you’re not the only one.

The historic pews and altar — where, in 1835, the town of Westport was officially formed — are filled with construction equipment.

It’s all good. The church — which spent a few years recovering from a nearly devastating 2011 fire — is in the midst of installing a new pipe organ.

It’s not easy.

A team of 3 men from Orgelbau Klais — one of Germany’s premier organ builders — arrived in early June. The organ — in many pieces — followed soon.

Organ pieces fill the Saugatuck Congregational Church sanctuary …

Since then, the crew has installed a tracker system, and associated parts. They added fire protection and lighting. Pipe installation is next.

The organ includes over 2,000 pipes, and 26 ranks. A blower apparatus can be pumped by hand.

Craftsmen from Germany are building the organ by hand.

The German team is here until at least the end of August. The church unveils the fantastic new instrument on September 8.

When it’s done, the organ will do more than make beautiful music. A Plexiglas window in the back of the console provides an inside view into how it works.

It will be the worth the wait. The organ is expected to last up to 200 years.

Which is the same pretty much how many years ago Westport was founded, in that very same sanctuary.


7 responses to “Vital Organ At Saugatuck Church

  1. John Knofla


  2. Ann Chernow

    How wonderful! Dan, please follow this up with the date when they are going to inaugurate the organ. and if they are having a schedule for concerts on a special day of the week, like St Paul’s on the Green in Norwalk does. Thanks,

  3. Thanks for the article, Dan. We will announce a dedication concert for the entire community soon. Some time this fall! Stay tuned!

  4. John Walsh


    Thanks for very nice article on our new organ. The organ was actually built by Orgelbau Klais organ builders of Bonn, Germany. It is the Klais team that is here assembling it. Henry & Gerity are local building contractors from Fairfield who have prepared the church space to place the organ and meet all local code requirements.

    • Thanks, John. I’m surprised no one corrected me earlier! I’ve made the change in the story above. Much appreciated.