Unbelievably, Today Is Still Only Saturday

Having our fireworks Wednesday night — and scheduling the 4th of July for a Thursday — was the best idea since the Declaration of Independence.

All around Westport yesterday — at the beach, Longshore, the Y, wherever anyone hangs out* — people said, “Today feels like Sunday.”

But it was Friday!

Since Wednesday, we’ve taken full advantage of everything our town offers.

Steaks on the Compo Beach grill. Ask Bart Shuldman for his secret recipe.

Clouds may roll in today. But we’ve still got 2 days to celebrate the longest weekend ever.

We should have July 4th in the middle of the week every year.

Longtime “06880” reader Bart Shuldman (orange shirt, with plate) threw one of his legendary cookouts yesterday. His many friends wore hats honoring “BartBQ.”

*But not the office, because no one worked.

7 responses to “Unbelievably, Today Is Still Only Saturday

  1. Rindy Higgins

    I feel that way, too! Yesterday I said it feels like a long, long weekend! And no traffic on 95!

  2. Richard Fogel

    Bart wears orange. Figures

  3. Raymond F Skidgell

    Looks like great fun was had at that Beach barbecue! Fogel you are one sorry jacka$$

  4. Great to see Compo beach pictures…I do miss that beach!

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